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Tired of wearing heels or wedges every time you dare to don a skirt? Stop. We have a fantastic array of skirts that still look smashing with your sneakers. You won’t have to worry a bit about hearing the siren of the fashion police if you wear one of these with your beat-up old Chuck Taylors.

We’ve pulled a variety of designs and cuts for our list of the best skirts to wear with sneakers because you deserve something special. Whether you like them short, long, or in between, we have the clothes to make you look like a queen. From casual to borderline formal, you’ll find a little bit of everything below.

10 Best Skirts To Wear With Sneakers

1. Tiptoe Through the Tulips: Who said a casual skirt can’t have a little flair? With this tulip cut, you get a bit of class made in perennial denim – just $34!

2. Make Waves With These Ruffles: This ruffled mini will look absolutely fabulous for any occasion. Kick it with sneakers during the day and slip into some heels for clubbing at night – all without worrying about changing your outfit – just $29!

3. Simply Sensational: It doesn’t get much simpler than this black mini skater skirt, and that’s a good thing because it pairs with everything – just $17!

4. Sporty, but not Shorty: Sometimes, a short skirt won’t do on a windy day, especially if you’re not looking to channel your inner Marilyn. With this A-line flared skirt, you can still get a breezy light feel without showing the world your intimates – just $30!

5. Don’t be in Distress: You won’t have to stress finding the perfect cut when buying this distressed A-line denim short skirt. You can pair it with practically any top and shoe, and it’s long enough for pretty much any situation while still showing quite a bit of leg – just $17!

6. Pretty in Plaid: Bring back the 2000s with this little plaid number. If you’re trying to be the girl at the rock show, you could do much worse than this, and it pairs excellently with Chucks – just $25!

7. Pretty in (Hot) Pink: If you’re more Barbie than punk, this hot pink mini will have the Kens jumping out of the woodwork. For some, it might be a bit much (or rather not enough) for daily wear, but it makes an excellent bathing suit cover, especially since its 100% polyester construction means it’ll dry fast – just $17!

8. Best of Both Worlds: This casual skort will ensure you show only what you want, making this ruffle skirt perfect for younger buyers – just $19!

9. Free From Frump: Cargo pants are seldom flattering, but you can avoid the frump and keep the utility with this cargo skort. Experience life with massive pockets – just $34!

10. Jane of all Trades: If you’re looking for a dress that can do it all, this plain calf-length athletic skirt will do the trick. It’s modest enough for family, church, or work functions but can also work for a night out on the town with the right accessories – just $29!



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