An 11-year-old was arrested after allegedly bringing a gun to a Jacksonville, Florida, school last week, officials said.

A teacher at Beauclerc Elementary School was advised by three students that the 11-year-old was in possession of a 9mm handgun on Feb. 5, according to an arrest report from the Jacksonville County Sheriff’s Office.

The child was seen in the bathroom racking the slide of the handgun and waving it around, the witnesses told the teacher, the report said. The child’s belongings were searched by school staff, who found the weapon.

Duval School Board Police responded to the school, where an officer found a text on the child’s phone threatening to kill someone sent the day before.

The child was arrested and is being held at the Duval Regional Juvenile Detention Center for possessing a weapon on school property and sending a written threat to kill, according to the arrest report.


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