30-year-old who brings in ,000 a month in passive income: 5 things I refuse to spend money on

In April 2020, I started my lifestyle brand DomoINK as a side hustle to pursue my passion of creating art.

Now, four years later, it has grown into a successful business, earning me around $27,000 a month in passive income at age 30. The brand offers art, home décor, apparel and gifts in celebration of diversity, and recently launched a hair accessories line in partnership with Goody Tru at Walmart. It’s been featured in stores and online at Target, HomeGoods, Macy’s and Urban Outfitters.

Even though I make a decent amount of money in passive income, I remain frugal. I am always looking for deals, discounts and opportunities to save money.

Here are five things I refuse to spend my money on:

1. Alcohol

I’ve been fortunate not to develop a liking for alcohol; it never tasted good to me. As a result, I’ve never felt the need to drink to relax, which has saved me money when going out, since alcohol can be quite costly.

2. Luxury designer items

Although I can afford to buy designer clothes, I choose not to. Remote work has highlighted that I don’t require an extensive wardrobe, and I usually prefer comfortable attire, such as sweatpants, on most days.

Surprisingly, I rarely wear the designer pieces I do own. Observing the clothes with price tags still attached in my closet, I understand that buying designer items would not be financially smart.

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3. Casinos

I live in California, just a few hours away from Las Vegas. It would be convenient for me to start gambling, but I have no inclination to try it. 

Growing up, I witnessed numerous friends and family members lose more money than they gained at casinos, so when I reached the legal age, I had already lost interest. 

Instead, I prefer to invest my money in the stock market, which has historically provided solid returns.

4. Extended warranties

Extended warranties on products usually don’t provide much value in the long run because they come with a lot of fine print, exclusions and limitations that can make it difficult to actually use them when needed —  a lesson I learned through experience. 

I purchased extended warranties for my furniture when I moved into my home. However, when my couch began tearing and I tried to file a claim, the repair was not covered. Now, I set aside funds each month so that when an item breaks, I have money saved up to repair or replace it.

5. Manicures and pedicures

Salon manicures and pedicures can be costly. Pre-pandemic, I used to have my nails done every two weeks and spent upwards of $150 a month. 

During the pandemic, I learned how to trim, file, polish and adorn my nails myself at a much lower cost. I haven’t stepped inside of a nail salon since.

To get started, I bought $60 worth of supplies, including a UV LED nail lamp and gel nail polish set. After practicing for a few months, I can confidently do my own manicure and pedicure.

Domonique Brown is an artist and the founder of DomoINK, a lifestyle brand that contributes art, apparel, and home decor in celebration of diversity and empowerment. Follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

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