Columbus, Ohio, police on Thursday pleaded for a woman suspected of taking her 5-year-old foster child to let them know that the boy is safe.

An Amber Alert was issued Wednesday for the child, Darnell Taylor, who is believed to have been taken by Pammy Maye, 48, police said.

Her husband called police around 3 a.m. Wednesday and said his wife woke him up and “made statements that made him believe that their foster child, Darnell had been hurt,” police said in a notice.

Darnell Taylor.Columbus Division of Police

Audio of the 911 call was played at a news conference Thursday. In it, a man can be heard appearing to say that his wife said “that she killed our foster child,” but the audio is rough and not all words can be clearly heard.

Darnell was missing from his bedroom, the man said in the call. The man said his wife took his car and left.

“As you heard from the portion of the 911 call that you heard, we have reason — significant reason — to believe that Darnell could be in danger,” Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant said.

Police have filed charges of third-degree child endangerment and first-degree kidnapping against Maye.

Darnell had been fostered in the family’s home since May 2023, police said.

The Jeep that Maye and Darnell were in is believed to have passed a police vehicle that was responding to the scene after the 911 call, and it was seen on dash cam video, police Deputy Chief Smith Weir said.

suspect mother mom
Pammy Maye.Columbus Division of Police

The Jeep, which had no front license plate, and the police car were traveling in opposite directions, he said.

The Jeep was found about three hours after the 911 call, at 5:50 a.m. in the Cleveland-area city of Brooklyn, police said.

Police are asking anyone — especially people in northeastern Ohio, in Cleveland, Brooklyn and the village of Linndale — to call police if they saw the Jeep early Wednesday, likely between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. They are also ak

“We are actively trying to get more tips about the location and the whereabouts of that car” early Wednesday morning, Weir said.

Owners of businesses like gas stations or carry-outs, where they might have stopped, are also being asked if they have seen Maye and Darnell.

Police are also looking to establish a timeline, and want anyone who has seen Maye or Darnell over the last week or who has information about them to call police, no matter how insignificant they might think the information is, Bryant said. The husband has been fully cooperative, she said.

The boy is believed to have been wearing Spiderman pajamas and white boots, police said.


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