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While rich and heavy skincare products have their time and place (ahem, mainly in the cold winter months), 99% of the time I want something that is going to feel weightless on my skin and provide noticeable, clinically-backed results. So far, my search has been nearly fruitless, especially when it comes to vitamin C serums — and I’ve tried many formulas. However, I think I’ve finally have found exactly what I had been looking for, courtesy of Bethenny Frankel.

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The business mogul is no stranger to broadcasting her honest opinion about beauty products on TikTok. That said, her recent video on functional skincare picks caught my eye. In the clip, she says that not many people know about how wonderful the BeautyStat Universal C Skin Refiner is, and she’s on a mission to change that. “What’s different about this is that it comes out like a cream, but when you put it on your face it feels like a cloud,” Frankel says. “It feels like air, and no other product I’ve tried feels like this in any way.” She goes on to compare it to the “airiest mousse possible” and explains that she enjoys how the tingling sensation it produces makes her “feel like it’s working.”

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It’s actually incredible that such a potent vitamin C serum can feel nearly weightless on the skin, yet somehow the BeautyStat Universal C Skin Refiner seems to check all of my boxes: With 20% l-ascorbic acid (the most common form of vitamin C found in skincare), the celebrity loved-serum is powerful yet gentle, melts into your complexion and quickly addresses an array of skin concerns.

Vitamin C serums are most well known for combatting dull skin and revealing a radiant complexion — but this formulation (which is also loved by Hailey Bieber) does so much more. In addition to boosting brightness, this supercharged serum gently tightens and firms skin, reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles and can also minimize dark spots with consistent use. It pretty much acts as an all-in-one product to simplify your routine and address multiple concerns at once.

Beyond the celebrity fans, some Amazon shoppers even call this the best vitamin C serum they’ve ever used. “This stuff works!” one reviewer writes . “My skin loves this and I am noticing a difference after a few weeks — my complexion appears smoother and brighter. I’ve tried about 5 other vitamin c serums over the past two years and this is the best I’ve tried.”

Whether you’re specifically looking for a multi-tasking product, a formulation that feels light as air (like me) or simply just want an effective vitamin C serum, there are few compare to the BeautyStat Universal C Skin Refiner. The most radiant skin of your life could just be an “add to cart” away!

Get the BeautyStat Universal C Skin Refiner at Amazon!

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