Bill Belichick’s son explains why he stayed with Patriots despite father, brother leaving

The regime change for the New England Patriots isn’t entirely without the name Belichick. 

Bill Belichick, the legendary Patriots head coach, parted ways with the team after over two decades of success, while his son, Steve, shipped out west to become the defensive coordinator for the University of Washington. 

But there was one Belichick who stayed behind: Brian, who serves as safeties coach for New England under new head coach Jerod Mayo. 

Brian has been around the Patriots since 2017, but when it came time for his father and brother to leave, he decided he wanted to stay on Mayo’s staff. Mayo, who has been working with Brian well before he was promoted to head coach, obliged. 

“I enjoy very much coaching here, living here, working with our players every day,” Brian said in his first comments since the departure of his family, via CBS Sports. “I have the opportunity to coach a position in the National Football League. I mean, how much more can you ask for than that?”

Of course, Brian staying on can be an awkward situation in Foxborough, but Mayo said it’s quite the opposite. 


“He’s been fantastic.” Mayo said. “There are other guys in the organization that it has been a little awkward for him, and those guys have handled it the right way. Look, Brian loves football, and he loves New England. I think I talked about this a little bit earlier: a guy, new baby, loves it up here and wants to stay. We’re happy that he’s here.” 

Brian welcomed a baby girl into his family while the transition went from his father to Mayo. He had to think about his life both professionally and personally, and reporters asked if his father had any say or advice during the whole situation. 

“I think in a way, and this is getting a little personal about our family dynamics, but in a way, I think it was good for us to have some separation from being in a football building every day seeing each other,” Brian explained about his relationship with his father. “Whereas now, we’re not just connected by football. Not that it was that way before, but we talk about other things because we’re in different places, not in the same place every day. There’s a lot of talk about football-wise, so it was hard to not get caught up in that when you saw each other at work every day.”

Brian Belichick talks to Adrian Phillips

Brian has enjoyed what Mayo has brought to the table with the change of guard. 

“I think we have a very well-coached team. I think that starts with Jerod, and we’re all following his example, and so we’re all trying to live up to a very high expectation that obviously was built here through the years and my dad was the head coach. … Everyone is trying to live up to that every day.”

Brian has a fun safeties room to work with, as the Patriots extended standout Kyle Duggar and the Swiss Army knife that is Jabrill Peppers remains in New England as well. 

Meanwhile, Bill is heading down a different path after not getting a head coaching gig elsewhere this offseason. He’s already begun his new media personality role, covering the NFL Draft alongside ESPN’s “The Pat McAfee Show” crew, where he was lauded for his Draft Day stories. He’s also joining the ManningCast during ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” alternate broadcast alongside Peyton and Eli Manning. 

Brian Belichick looks on field

Bill was also a surprise guest during Netflix’s roast of Tom Brady, and many loved that he was able to play into the relationship he had with the legendary quarterback during their reign in New England together. 

It may be new beginnings for others in the family, but Brian is content right where he’s at. 

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