In this edition, we discuss the root causes for the farmer protests across Europe and EU Commission plans to update animal welfare.


This week, we are joined by Fabrizio Rossi, the Secretary General of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions, Green MEP Tilly Metz, and Euronews’ health and food reporter Gerardo Fortuna.

Panellists discussed the ongoing farmers’ revolt across Europe that saw thousands of tractors descend upon Brussels this week. Frustrated farmers set fires in front of the European Parliament and threw eggs at the building. Tilly Metz says she feels their pain.

Another topic discussed on this week’s show was a new reform to improve animals’ rights across the EU. Ahead of the upcoming European Parliament elections, NGOs have called on politicians to do more for animal welfare.

“The EU likes to pride itself as a global leader on animal welfare,” Reineke Hameleers, the CEO of Eurogroup for Animals told Euronews adding that promises were not being followed up on.

Watch “Brussels, my love?” in the player above.


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