If you’re going to go for a self-alley-oop, make sure nobody else is around.

Chicago Bulls’ Torrey Craig missed that memo, and it led to a collision that could have been much worse than it really was.

The Bulls were hosting the New York Knicks on Tuesday night – it was the teams’ second matchup in nine days – and were trailing 36-27 early in the second quarter.

The Knicks’ Bojan Bogdanovic turned the ball over to Andre Drummond, who gave it up to Craig, and the Bulls had a 3-on-0 breakaway, which should be points 100% of the time.

Well, apparently, it’s 99.99%.

Craig, Drummond and Coby White were all running toward the bucket with no one in front of them when Craig threw the ball off the glass; Drummond was trailing just a couple feet behind.


At the end of the arc, Craig lobbed it up with his left hand and jumped off two feet, hoping to give himself a highlight-reel dunk.

But Drummond thought that the lob off the glass was intended for him.

So, the big man in Drummond tried to slam it home as well. The two collided in midair, leading to Craig falling on the court and the ball bouncing away from the rim – it went in the books as a missed field goal attempt for Craig – and Bogdanovich got the rebound.

To make matters worse, Drummond rolled his ankle later on in the contest and had to leave in a wheelchair.

Andre Drummond hurt

The Knicks never relinquished their lead en route to a 128-117 win over the Bulls, who have struggled all year. And head coach Billy Donovan was not pleased.

“It’s not what I’m about and not what our team should be about,” Donovan said of what he seemed to think was Craig showboating.

Torrey Craig on court

The Bulls dropped to 37-42 and sit in ninth place in the Eastern Conference, leaving them in the play-in tournament, as it currently stands.

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