After Iran terrorist proxies launched over 40 attacks on U.S. military assets, last night the U.S. finally responded with two F-15 fighter jets dropping several bombs on a weapons storage facility in eastern Syria.   

No terrorists were there. So, no terrorists were killed. Then, according to reports, right after that, Iran-backed terrorists mounted four more attacks on U.S. bases – three in Syria, and one in Iraq – which brought the total now to 46 attacks by Iran-backed proxies.   

Three U.S. service members suffered minor injuries and are now, gratefully, back to duty.  This is after the Houthis last night downed an American MQ9 Reaper drone near Yemen.   

So, the Biden administration lobbed a couple more missiles at an unmanned ammo depot in the middle of Syria. Iran hit back with four more attacks and the Biden Administration did nothing. Nothing.  This is not a strong response. Correct that. This is a very weak response.   


General Jack Keane and distinguished former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will be here in just a few moments to talk about this and other related matters, but I would say, for all the times that Joe Biden and Antony Blinken and John Kirby keep telling us how they’re going to hold Iran accountable for their terrorism, any objective observer would say they are not holding Iran accountable for anything and, by all accounts, as Joe Biden continues his Iranian appeasement strategy, it objectively looks like he is more afraid of Iran than Iran is afraid of the United States.   

That is a very bad place to be, any time, but especially during wartime and we are at war with Iran, as well as their terror proxies, Hamas, Hezbollah and the rest of the murderers. How many times do the Bidens have to hear that appeasement never works? How long do we have to wait until the Bidens develop a serious policy of deterrence?   

General Keane has said that the Bidens should take out the Iranian proxy command and control center. Take it out. Send a warning message.  Yes, people will be killed. The enemy will be killed.  The casualties would not be civilian, they would be terrorist. That is the cost of a just war.   

These namby-pamby Biden responses to Iran so far are doing far more harm than good in terms of American security, not just Israeli security. We need to be deterring Iranian warfare in order to protect American national security interests, along with the security interests of Israel and other allies in the Middle East, and around the world.   


Putin’s Russia, Xi’s China and Kim Jong Un’s North Korea are watching these namby-pamby American responses in the Iranian war. What do you think they are thinking? As Secretary Pompeo has said elsewhere, Hamas murdered 1,400 innocent civilians on October 7, but since Iran was the master planner and paymaster, they were entirely and directly complicit in killing 1,400 innocent civilians.   

Joe Biden and his gang should be furious at what’s going on in all these areas, but most especially in these attacks on U.S. military assets. The Bidens should be expressing fury on a daily basis that Americans were killed and taken hostage on October 7. They should be furious that U.S. military assets are being attacked on a daily basis, but they respond in the weakest, lowest common denominator, milquetoast way – both rhetorically and militarily. Final thought: Save America. Retire Joe Biden. He is most certainly not a wartime president. 

This article is adapted from Larry Kudlow’s opening commentary on the November 9, 2023, edition of “Kudlow.”    


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