An arrest warrant was issued for Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice for his alleged role in a car crash on a Texas expressway last month.

Rice, 23, was charged with one count each of aggravated assault and a collision involving serious bodily injury and six counts of a collision involving injury, police said Wednesday.

Rice was driving a Lamborghini, and Theodore Knox, 21, was driving a Corvette on North Central Expressway in Dallas March 30, police said. Authorities said the drivers were speeding, lost control of the vehicles and crashed into four other vehicles.

Knox, 21, faces the same charges as Rice. The passengers in the vehicles were not charged.

“We continue to monitor developments in the matter,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told Pro Football Talk.

Four people were injured in the crash.

Rice apologized for his role in the incident and wrote on Instagram that he took “full responsibility” for his involvement.

Rice’s lawyer, Royce West, told reporters at a news conference Thursday his client admitted to Dallas Police he was involved in the crash. 


Rashee Rice vs Broncos

“Mr. Rice acknowledged that he was driving the Lamborghini, that was the question that was asked,” West said. “He responded to that, that he was driving the Lamborghini.”

West added that Rice was cooperative with every question from Dallas Police. 

Rice acknowledged his involvement in the crash Wednesday through an Instagram post, saying he took “full responsibility for my part in this matter and will continue to cooperate with necessary authorities.

“I sincerely apologize to everyone impacted in Saturday’s accident,” the statement concluded.

West says Rice wants to make things right with those injured and with property damage from the wreck.

“For the grace of God, someone could have been injured, I mean, seriously injured. He understands that and appreciates it,” West said.

“He’s going to do everything in their power to bring their life back to as normal as possible in terms of injuries, in terms of property damage. He’ll make certain he is responsible for helping them to get through that particular part of this.”

Rashee Rice warms up

West didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.

Rice became one of Patrick Mahomes’ most trusted receivers, recording 938 yards receiving and seven touchdowns last season.

The Chiefs won the Super Bowl over the San Francisco 49ers, making Rice a world champion in his rookie season.

Fox News’ Scott Thompson contributed to this report.


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