Captain Sandy Yawn has had it with Kyle Viljoen after his antics led to a crew member’s departure.

The newest episode of Below Deck Mediterranean, which aired on Monday, November 20, followed the aftermath of Kyle’s big blowout with Natalya Scudder. The former pals ended up at odds after Natalya defended Max Salvador‘s comments about identifying as part of the LGBTQIA+ community despite being straight.

Kyle subsequently lashed out at Natalya and called their friendship into question. In the morning, Kyle joined the crew on their day off while Natalya ended the day by packing up her things. Natalya met with Captain Sandy before the next charter to tell her she was leaving the Mustique.

“My stomach has been in knots. My issue is — besides the personal stuff going on at home — there’s also been stuff going on within the interior. In the crew mess, Kyle and Max were having a bit of a fight in front of everyone. I tried to tell Kyle to calm down,” Natalya explained through tears. “I thought he was one of my best friends. There’s been a lot of stuff.”

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The stew noted that Kyle’s behavior was part of a bigger problem, adding, “I didn’t say anything [before] but I had Jessika [Asai] coming to me crying because Kyle came in hot the other day and screamed at her in a cabin.”

Below Deck Med s Captain Sandy Disciplines Kyle for Causing Natalya s Exit

Captain Sandy, Kyle Viljoen, Natalya Scudder.
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Sandy was shocked to hear about what was going on. “I want to follow this because it is serious. I am going to speak to Kyle because that is not OK. That is bullying,” she said. “Of course I want you to stay but nothing’s worth your mental health.”

After the captain asked what she wanted to do, Natalya stood by her decision to leave.

“I feel the need to get off now because I don’t feel good. I feel safe but I don’t feel good,” Natalya admitted, despite previously getting an apology from Kyle. “I feel so sad lately.”

Sandy didn’t try to change Natalya’s mind because she wanted to prioritize her crew. “I can’t make Natalya stay nor would I. I want her to feel supported in her decision but at the same time I am pissed. Losing Natalya will be hard for the interior. For the next charter, we will have trouble,” she explained in a confessional. “I am not condoning Kyle’s behavior. Just the way she described everything, Kyle’s bullying is unacceptable.”

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While filming season 8, Kyle started to question whether his friendship with Natalya was genuine. They were previously at odds during season 7 because Natalya felt she did more work than Kyle. The twosome attempted to start fresh after joining the Mustique, but that quickly started to fall apart.

After Natalya left the boat, Sandy called in chef Jack Luby and chief stew Tumi Mhlongo to give their thoughts on the tension. Jack stood by Natalya and called out his coworkers for not giving her enough support. Tumi, meanwhile, agreed that Kyle’s behavior wasn’t helping the interior work as a team.

Sandy subsequently asked Kyle to sit down with her for a conversation.

“Kyle, I have ears and I have eyes. Every situation that has happened on this boat, guess who is the common denominator? Your screaming match with Max, your screaming match with Jess and your screaming match with Natalya,” she noted at the end of the episode. “You are the person that is always in the screaming matches.”

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The situation shifted the way Sandy viewed Kyle. “I would never bring you back. You can’t control your emotions. This is a professional setting. You are bullying and you are screaming. I don’t want a person like you on board,” she fired back before the screen went black.

Viewers have to wait until the next episode to find out whether Kyle will remain on the boat. However, before the episode aired, Natalya offered an update on where she stands with Kyle.

“He is the devil,” she exclusively told Us Weekly on November 3 at BravoCon in Las Vegas. “[It’s] annoying ’cause he set me and Tumi up [for] a very bad start of the season. Tumi and I are on a good page now. We do agree there was one person who definitely caused the drama, but we are good now.”

Below Deck Mediterranean airs on Bravo Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.


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