Fox News ‘Antisemitism Exposed’ Newsletter: Hostage recounts Hamas’ ‘strange rules’

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– Mom of rescued hostage says son described ‘strange rules’ while in grip of Hamas
– Hamas ‘Green Prince’ shocked by college campus anti-Israel protests
– VIDEO: Reporter says she was swarmed, ‘hit’ and ‘shoved’ by anti-Israel mob in NYC

TOP STORY: The mother of one of the four Hamas hostages rescued by Israeli forces during a special operation over the weekend says her son has described to her “very strange rules” the Palestinian terrorists made him live by. She shared that her son, Andrey Kozlov, told her “There are some things I will never tell you’. I don’t know what he didn’t tell us and what he doesn’t want to ever tell us.”

VIDEO: An anti-Israel mob harassed a journalist in New York City earlier this week while she was covering a protest, causing her to file a police report after she says she was hit and shoved.

CAMPUS LOCKDOWN: A large group of anti-Israel protesters took over and barricaded a campus building at the California State University, Los Angeles, trapping school employees inside. Video footage showed protesters wearing kaffiyehs and face coverings using golf carts, picnic tables and umbrellas to create a makeshift wall along the building’s perimeter.

‘TERRORIST MOUTHPIECE’: President Biden is being pressured to revoke media credentials from Al Jazeera and cut off its access to the White House following revelations that one of its affiliated journalists reportedly held an Israeli hostage in their family’s Gaza home. “It is no secret that Qatar-funded Al Jazeera has long been a mouthpiece for terrorists and has peddled anti-American sentiments,” Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., wrote in a letter to Biden.

Green Prince Hamas

DESCENDED INTO CHAOS: U.S. Park Police say they are investigating “criminal activity” after anti-Israel agitators vandalized statues in Washington, D.C.’s Lafayette Square.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Bending to terrorists will have consequences. We are sending the wrong messages. These people don’t receive our statements or our action as a form of tolerance that we are trying to reach peace. They perceive it as weakness,” Mosab Hassan Yousef, a former Hamas member, told Fox News Digital in an interview.


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