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IDAHO MURDERS: The house where Bryan Kohberger allegedly butchered four students to death will be demolished before a jury will ever have a chance to see it.

Idaho crime scene

PREDATOR IN DORM: Elite college slammed in lawsuit claiming cult dad preyed on students in what should have been a safe space.

PETITO FAMILY FEUD: Legal war among parents of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie takes turn.

IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER: Massachusetts man makes deathbed confession to daughter in what first sounded like a ‘weird dad joke.’

TAKE CARE OF MAYA: Children’s hospital demands new trial citing explosive allegations about juror. 

‘THE KEEPERS’: FBI exhumes body of murdered Baltimore woman from docuseries on 1969 Catholic nun slaying.

A split image of Joyce Malecki and Sister Cathy Cesnik

MOTEL MYSTERY: Clues prove woman’s ‘suicide’ in room was more sinister, family says.

PRAYING FOR ANSWERS: Killer who snatched pastor’s 12-year-old daughter from her bike plays games with investigators over location of body.

Sara Anne Wood

LETOURNEAU’S LEGACY: Teacher’s former student lover to become grandfather at 40.

AMANDA KNOX: Warns man who killed roommate while studying abroad in 2007 has harmed ‘more young women’ since release.


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