Last Crumb, an LA-based cookie company, sparked controversy online this weekend with a series of social media posts launched on Easter Sunday.

Over the weekend, the cookie company posted holiday-themed media to their own social accounts that users regarded as “disrespectful” and too parallel to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In a photograph posted to 168,000 followers on Last Crumb’s Instagram account, users are presented with a black and white scene featuring a cookie in color as the focal point.


The cookie, which is oversize, much like the Last Crumb’s baked goods, is resting midway across what appears to be an empty rock-cut tomb.

The Instagram caption reads, “Cookies worth resurrecting for… Happy Easter.”

The comment section of the social media post was split, with some users indicating they planned to unfollow the account, while others saw it as light-hearted.

In response, one user wrote, “Yall would never post something like this for any other religions holiday…” to which Last Crumb responded, “Watch us.”

A second user remarked, “When a company loses all respect over one disrespectful post. Unfollowed.”

A follow-up comment reads, “But what did you expect from this brand though? Lots of their posts are disrespectful anyway. It’s their branding. This isn’t a shock. It’s expected.”

Last Crumb returned to the comment section again to write back, “We’re consistent, if nothing else.”

However, another user wrote to the company stating, “Love this.”

The company doubled down on the resurrection themed social posts and included one on their TikTok account. A similar sentiment in video form was released to over 222,000 followers.


In the video, users can see what appears to be a chocolate chip cookie rolling to unearth the inside of a rock-cut tomb. As the cookie moves, the scene reads, “Cookies worth resurrecting for.”

The caption posted reflects immediately on the expected disapproval from users stating, “Yes, they’re that good. Yes, this is problematic. Happy Easter!”

The gourmet treat company sells collections of cookies starting at a whopping $90 for a half dozen and $140 for a dozen. Last Crumb’s selection of dessert is labeled the “most expensive cookies in the world,” according to their site.

For April Fools’ Day, the company responded to the virtual backlash about the cost of their shareable treats with a $12,000 collection. The black box of cookies is a mystery to customers, per the site.

However, the provided coupon code “APRILFOOLS” cuts the cost of the box drastically, making the total price even cheaper than a typical batch.

FOX Business reached out to Last Crumb for comment but did not hear back.

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