Here are 5 stocks that are buys right here, right now

CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer

Rob Kim | NBCUniversal

Let’s say you just joined the Club, and you are trying to figure out which stocks we think are buyable right now, right here. Ideally, what I would like members to be thinking about is a companion portfolio of up to a dozen stocks to a market index fund position — something we recommend for investors just starting to manage their own money. Your own portfolio. Curated by us. Selected by you. More than 12 names, unless you’re a stock junkie like me, might be too hard to stay on top. Remember, buy and homework is my motto, not buy and hold and forget about it.

The question is: Which stocks would I buy right now? There are some in our 33-company portfolio that are just too high to recommend — and some, because of changes in circumstances are just too low, correctly low, and going lower like Salesforce after Wednesday evening’s quarter. We have a tough market. But I see stocks that are calling to me and saying it’s a good level to start. Not a single stock should be bought all at once. That’s a fool’s errand in a market that has developed a downward bias as we wrap up the month.


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