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Walmart isn’t typically where I shop for jewelry. Home goods, clothing, food and beauty items, for sure — but not necklaces, bracelets and earrings. On Cyber Monday, however, I was scrolling through the Walmart site and happened to see this elegant bestseller of a necklace. The price almost seemed wrong! Trying it on was the ultimate test, and let me just say: it definitely didn’t disappoint.

Stunning is an understatement with regards to this white gold-plated necklace which genuinely looks like it’s crafted from diamonds and crystals. The pendant is lined with sparkly A+++ cubic zirconia crystals which shimmer in any lighting — all 28 of them! A dazzling 6.6 millimeter cubic zirconia stone sits in the middle of the necklace, making it a stunning addition to everyday outfits and dressy attire alike. It couldn’t be more versatile!

Get the Cate & Chloe Blake 18k White Gold Silver Plated Halo Necklace for $20 (originally $150) at Walmart!

The necklace pairs beautifully with a tank top and a cardigan, wide-leg pants, sneakers or boots and simple earrings. For a luxe look, you’re going to want to try it on with a long silky dress and — if your feet allow — some high heels. Gorgeous! You’ll find yourself planning fancy occasions for no reason other than to rock your dazzling new piece.

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The metal is hypoallergenic and free of lead and nickel, making it a safe, irritation-free gift for the silver-colored jewelry lover in your life. Valentine’s Day is coming up, but it’s also a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, graduations — really anything which calls for a thoughtful present.

Get the Cate & Chloe Blake 18k White Gold Silver Plated Halo Necklace for $20 (originally $150) at Walmart!

If white gold isn’t your your speed, or you would prefer gold, the necklace comes in yellow and rose gold varieties — seriously! Take your pick, but be warned: You may want to buy one in every color. (Or maybe I’m just speaking for myself!)

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In case you’re looking for a full set, there are matching earrings which I chose to buy, but they aren’t necessary to get the unbelievably chic style reviewers and I rave about. That said, they are equally shimmery, opulent and discounted — yes, the earrings are also $130 off! It’s hard to turn down such a charming set, so shop now while there’s still stock up for grabs. Get ready to bring the bling this January and beyond!

Get the Cate & Chloe Blake 18k White Gold Silver Plated Halo Necklace for $20 (originally $150) at Walmart!

Not what you’re looking for? Check out other jewelry at Walmart, and don’t forget to look through Walmart’s daily deals here!


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