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There are so many reasons to be excited that warmer weather is drawing near, but one of them that often goes unnoticed is how many more braless looks are about to enter the chat. For example, we put away the chunky sweaters and start to replace them with strapless or deep V-neck spring dresses, tops and bandeaus that simply can’t be worn with a regular bra. Frankly, I’m thrilled to start wearing less restricting tops and dresses that only require some sticky pasties in place of other options that require a more uncomfortable, regular bra.

But because I’m a fan of a braless look, this requires me to be prepared for when those occasions arrive. While my regular bra is always sitting in my drawer, pasties are something I have to keep in stock so I don’t realize at the last minute that I need them and have to rush to go get them or change outfits. To avoid that chaos, I’m buying a few of the Hollywood Fashion Secrets Silicone Coverups, which will keep me prepared for any braless look that might arise.

Get the Hollywood Fashion Secrets Silicone Coverups (originally $15) on sale for just $11 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, April 12, 2024, but are subject to change.

The first reason I chose these coverups over other options on the market is their concealing design. These coverups are made of 100% silicone, which ensures a smooth and natural-looking finish. The second reason is because of their staying power. They have an ultra-sticky adhesive layer, so I can be sure these babies are going to stay in place and bump-free no matter how much I move or sweat. On top of that, the sticky layer is so potent that the brand says it can be used for up to 25 wears, which makes them well worth the money.

Thirdly, they have the “Amazon’s Choice” badge and a strong backing of customer reviews confirming their efficiency. In fact, they have over 4,400 five-star ratings, with consumers boasting about how well the product worked for them.

One shopper claimed that they “may never wear a bra again” because these ones are “so comfortable” and have “the right amount of thickness for [a] nipple cover.”

“They are extremely durable and long lasting,” they said. “I have been wearing the same pair for over 6 weeks. I just ordered two more sets. After taking them off, I gently wash them in mild soap and air dry. They are perfect the next day.”

The pasties come in four shades: dark, deep, medium and light, so you can be sure there’s a pair that will closely match your skin type. They also come in two different sizes so you can fit them to your girls just right. Size 1 has one inch of coverage, while size 2 has 3 1/2 inches. And if this wasn’t enough to love already, they’re also hypoallergenic, so they shouldn’t irritate the skin.

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Over 3,000 units of these coverups have been sold in the past month, proving to me that not only do other shoppers have the same idea of stocking up, but this is a quality product you can depend on. Better yet, they’re even on sale now for just $11, so I can make room in the budget for an extra pair as well. Cheers to more braless spring looks!

See it: Get the Hollywood Fashion Secrets Silicone Coverups (Originally $15) on sale for just $11 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, April 12, 2024, but are subject to change.

Not quite what you’re looking for? See more from Hollywood Fashion Secrets here, and don’t forget to check out Amazon’s Daily Deals for more great finds! 

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