Jill Biden is attempting to dismiss recent dismal polling that shows former President Donald Trump is leading her husband President Joe Biden in all but one battleground state.

The first lady was asked about the state of Biden’s re-election campaign during an appearance on “CBS Mornings” Wednesday, and was specifically questioned on a recent Wall Street Journal survey that found the Democratic incumbent is trailing former President Trump in six of seven 2024 swing states.

CBS host Tony Dokoupil began asking the first lady about the polling results before she cut him off to say “no, he’s not losing.”

“No, he’s not losing in all the battleground states. He’s coming up,” Jill Biden said before the host could finish asking the question.


“He’s even or doing better,” Jill added. “You know what, once people start to focus in, and they see their two choices, it’s obvious that Joe will win this election.”

The first lady was also asked if she was at all worried about President Biden’s re-election efforts, responding “no, no, no. I feel that Joe will be re-elected.”

The referenced Wall Street Journal poll, released Tuesday, found that Trump is currently leading Biden in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina — states that will play a crucial role in securing a win on the November ballot. The results found that Biden was tied with Trump in Wisconsin, but did not secure any leads in the battleground states survey.


According to reports, Biden himself reportedly has grown increasingly frustrated and worried over his re-election efforts.

President Joe Biden at podium, flanked by US flags

NBC News previously reported that he began to “shout and swear” in a January meeting when informed that his poll numbers had dipped in the battleground states of Michigan and Georgia over his handling of the Israel-Hamas war, a lawmaker familiar with the situation told the publication.

Biden’s alleged outburst came as he has long believed he is not getting the credit he deserves in several areas, the outlet noted. Privately, another source told the publication that he regularly pushes aides about what parts of his accomplishments he should highlight in different states.

The report also said he is surrounded by “protective aides who want to minimize the chances of a flub,” something he has dealt with in recent months as he has made several blunders that have called into question his mental acuity. 

Trump at lectern with "Stop Biden's Border Bloodbath" sign on it

“The man’s been successful for decades in Congress and became vice president and president,” a source told NBC News. “If you try to change the person, you’re making a mistake. Let the president go out there and do his thing.”

Biden’s frustration follows other Democrats fretting over his age and energy. According to past reports, he has consistently held several closed-door meetings with his top donors to alleviate their anxieties about the 2024 election.

The first lady was also asked if she was at all worried, responding “No, no, no i feel that Joe will be re-elected.”


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