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Jimmy Kimmel started his late-night show by firing off another shot at New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers following the player’s latest appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show.”

Rodgers went on a long tangent earlier Tuesday, saying he never called Kimmel a pedophile and wondered whether the comedian actually listened to what he said last week when he said people like Kimmel do not want the Jeffrey Epstein client list to come out.

Kimmel took shots at Rodgers’ intelligence during Monday’s monologue and had a little more on Tuesday.

“Things have settled down. We had a tumultuous week butting heads with delusional people,” he said. “I was watching people actually play football last night. I was watching the college national championship game. The University of Michigan beat the University of Washington – 34-13 was the score. If you believe the mainstream media.”

Kimmel then cracked that doctors say the U.S. is in a “tripledemic.”

“The tripledemic is the flu COVID and RSV all teaming up like the three amigos of phlegm,” he said. “Doctors are urging Americans to ask your medical professional or whichever NFL quarterback you trust for preventative advice.”

Rodgers also took issue with people allegedly trying to “cancel” him.

As he talked about ESPN senior vice president, production Mike Foss’ statement on his initial remarks about Kimmel last week, Rodgers said the release was just falling into the media trap.


Aaron Rodgers talks to the reporters

“They try and cancel, and it’s not just me, it’s nowhere near just me,” Rodgers said. “I mean if you look at all the different people that have been censored from the internet, especially during COVID, the canceling that went on, the censorship, using the government to try and censor people — that happened. 

“And if that doesn’t work, then they go to name-calling. And I mentioned a lot of the names that I’ve been called. And they don’t stick because I’m not anti-vax. I’m interested in informed consent and the things that are in the best interest of my body.”

Rodgers said he has never supported former President Trump or the “Make America Great Again” movement. The quarterback is a noted supporter of Robert Kennedy Jr.


He said he would be OK being called a conspiracy theorist because of his track record in recent years, but he scoffed at being called an antisemite or anything else.

Aaron Rodgers throws

“This is their gameplan,” he said. “They use these words to cancel people, and they went and ran with this because it’s the ‘crazy, anti-vaxer wacko’ again talking about accusing of somebody of being a pedophile. Of course, this is the gameplan that they use. Incorrect. But that’s the environment that we’re in.

“There’s a lot of people who have been captured by various entities, government entities, whether we’re talking about the pharmaceutical industrial complex or whether we’re talking about the government has the best interest in my mind, and we’re puppeting various narratives.

“In the end, if you are not someone whose opinion aligns with the mainstream narrative, this is what they’re gonna do with you. It’s not me. I’m not a victim. I don’t give a s—. Say whatever the hell you want about me, that’s fine. Like the people that know me and love me, you know what I’m all about. My teammates know what I’m all about.”

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