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When I think back to the clothing I wore during my teenage years, Ugg boots are the first item that comes to mind. I wore those fuzzy boots everywhere in the winter — whether I was going to hang with my friends, running to dance lessons or even walking around my house.

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We’re all familiar with with Ugg boots. And whether you love or hate them, they’re iconic. But if you hadn’t been paying attention over the past decade or so, Ugg has been making moves with a wide variety of different shoe styles that aren’t necessarily crafted from sheepskin. In fact, tons of the Ugg shoes […]

While the shoes were super popular in the early 2010s, they have had somewhat of a renaissance as of late. Now, I’m seeing more and more people don the comfy boots all around New York City. Plus, there have even been celebrity sightings too. Namely, Kelsea Ballerini, who recently admitted to The Strategist that she doesn’t go anywhere without her Ugg Classic Ultra Mini Platforms.

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“I have ’em on right now. I don’t think I’m going to wear any other shoes this season,” she told the outlet. “The platform gives them a little something extra. I’m a tall girl, but I love an extra bit of height. I love heels. These give me the best of both worlds since they’re so comfortable. I can take my dog out in the morning in them and also run errands.”

The Ultra Mini Platforms are like an upgraded version of the tried-and-true original (and they’re the It shoe of the moment!). Sure, they have that signature Ugg boot look, but with some upgraded features that make them better suited for the 2020s. First off, rather than rising mid-way up the calf, these are cut short and just graze the ankle. Then, for that cool girl-edge, they’re designed with a 2-inch platform. With extra traction on the bottom, walking in these couldn’t feel any more natural — even with the additional boost!

Beyond the chic style, these minis also come in a slew of colors including black, two tan hues and a spunky orange to brighten up dreary winter days. Oh, and you can’t forget about the plush sheep fur lining that will keep you supremely warm for the rest of winter.

Along with Ballerini, shoppers can’t get enough of the cute style — and not just because of their nostalgic feel. “I love the platform ultra minis. They are bomb OMG,” one customer raves. “I can pair these beauties up with all of my cute Ugg socks that I have an everything. These boots look great with pretty much anything but I love to wear these boots with jeans and a t-shirt and grab a cute bag and my leather jacket and go.”

One thing is for sure: The Ugg comeback is real, and if you love this style, you better scoop your color and size before they sell out — because the Ultra Mini Platforms are only going to grow in popularity!

Get the Ugg Classic Ultra Mini Platforms for $160 at Zappos!


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