Through the retailer’s loyalty rewards program, every dollar a Kohl’s shopper spends can earn them a 5% reward toward a future purchase. More than 30 million customers are enrolled in the Kohl’s Rewards program, which offers members Kohl’s Cash® for each purchase. 

The most recent rewards program was launched in September 2020 and modified in May 2022. It is an evolution from the previous Yes2You Rewards program, which offered shoppers points on purchases. 

Kohl’s is a retailer based in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, known for offering affordable prices on clothing, shoes, toys, home decor and more. 

What is the Kohl’s Rewards program?

Through the Kohl’s Rewards program, in-store and online customers accumulate rewards on each purchase, including transactions at the in-store Sephora. After enrolling in the program, members earn a 5% reward on all future purchases when using any form of payment and 7.5% with a Kohl’s Card, regardless of the means of payment. Membership benefits are not contingent on paying with a Kohl’s credit card. Once their rewards are converted into Kohl’s Cash and deposited into their accounts, customers have a 30-day period to use it.


What is Kohl’s Cash?

Kohl’s Cash is the currency of Kohl’s Rewards, issued as either paper or digital coupons, depending on the customer’s shopping method. Every $50 spent in-store during designated earning periods can result in a $10 reward in Kohl’s Cash, even for non-members. Beyond these periods, rewards members continuously profit as they receive 5% back for each dollar they spend at Kohl’s, distributed in $5 increments of Kohl’s Cash coupons.

Can a shopper earn Beauty Insider Points and Kohl’s Rewards on Sephora purchases?

At Sephora locations within Kohl’s, rewards program members can earn Kohl’s Rewards points while simultaneously earning Sephora Beauty Insider points. To make the shopping experience easier, they can also link their Kohl’s and Sephora accounts. 

For each Sephora purchase made within a Kohl’s retail store or online, members of both rewards programs earn:

  • 5% in Kohl’s rewards
  • 1 Beauty Insider point per dollar spent


What is the Kohl’s birthday reward?

Kohl’s loyalty program members receive an additional discount on their birthday, but the savings will vary. The discount received will be applied to the existing savings, including price matching, Kohl’s Cash and any other sale price applied to the purchased items.

How do I know my Kohl’s Rewards balance?

Kohl’s Rewards program members can track their balance in various ways. For in-store purchases, the balance is reflected directly on the shopping receipt. Additionally, Kohl’s proactively sends email reminders for any available Kohl’s Cash. 


The free Kohl’s app offers the shopper an account overview, including a rewards balance, and also doubles as a virtual wallet for Kohl’s Cash and any available coupons. The app includes a price scanner for in-store shopping and the ability to pay through the app with stored payment methods.

Kohl's background with Kohl's app on cell phone

How can I redeem Kohl’s Cash?

Members can spend their Kohl’s Cash when available in their account. The company will email the customer when the rewards are available. The member’s existing balance is distributed in $5 increments on the first day of the following month. Once it becomes available, the member has 30 days to spend it, or they will lose it. 

Although there are a few exceptions to what Kohl’s Cash can buy, members can redeem it for almost anything they want from the retailer. The Kohl’s Cash coupons are not redeemable on Sephora purchases. It is redeemable in-store, online or through the Kohl’s app.

Does Kohl’s accept expired Yes2You rewards?

Kohl's store in a mall

The company’s former version of its rewards program, Yes2You, does not exist anymore. Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards points were automatically converted into the new rewards program, and therefore, those points no longer exist as Yes2You Rewards.


How do I become a Kohl’s Rewards member?

Enrolling in the Kohl’s Rewards loyalty program is a simple process that can be done in-store or online. In-store customer service staff can assist with the signup. Alternatively, online shoppers can register at the Kohls website. After joining, members can seamlessly connect their Kohl’s Rewards account with their existing shopping account.


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