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Vanderpump Rules fans have only gotten a small glimpse at The Valley spinoff series but Kristen Doute and Luke Broderick are already issuing a correction.

During the Saturday, January 20, episode of their “Sex, Love and What Else Matters” podcast, Kristen, 40, and Luke, 32, read the bio that Bravo released alongside the promotional clip for their upcoming series The Valley.

“After her last breakup, Kristen came to the realization that she was ready to have a baby and as life would have it, that’s when she met Luke at a wedding in Colorado,” the description from the network stated. “An outdoorsman who enjoys fishing and hunting in the Rocky Mountains, Luke is no fan of the hustle and bustle of Hollywood but has chosen to reside in the Valley to be with Kristen. This duo has a lot to juggle including starting a family, caring for three dogs, running multiple businesses, and not to mention, figuring out which state they want to call home.”

Kristen admitted she wasn’t thrilled about one specific aspect of the press release. “Shoutout to Bravo and NBC, you are the best and all that good stuff. But I was ready to have a baby and as life would have it I met Luke? Well, thank God he walked into my life just as I was ready to have a baby,” she joked on Saturday. “It is not exactly how it went.”

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After seeing the bio, Kristen felt the “need to explain” that she was interested in motherhood before she met Luke.

“I like this bio for the most part. There is explaining [on the show] in that [part]. I know I explained it,” she noted. “My recent ex [Alex Menache] before I met Luke and even my ex before that [Brian] Carter, I wanted a baby. I always wanted to be a mother. It is just something that is in my blood, and I always knew it was something I would be really good at.”

Kristen recalled always having plans to start a family, adding, “Luke actually brought me to the realization that I was changing myself [with my exes] to obtain that goal. It has been known that I want kids.”

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Kristen Doute and Luke Broderick

Meanwhile, Luke was also not thrilled about the description of their relationship, adding, “We will wait. The time will come to explain more about all of that. … The only part that I am not in love with is [the narrative that] you just chose me to put a baby in you when I didn’t even know you yet.”

Kristen and Luke met in June 2022 shortly after her split from Alex. They hooked up after crossing paths at a mutual friend’s wedding and remained in touch before taking their relationship to the next level.

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The couple originally went public with their romance in December 2022, two years after Kristen was fired from Vanderpump Rules. Kristen and Luke have since mixed business with pleasure by collaborating on their podcast where they discuss a variety of topics including their plans to have kids.

In October 2023, Kristen and Luke said they have had ongoing discussions about getting engaged and starting a family in the near future.

“A couple of months ago, Luke and I talked about the fact that we are in a very committed relationship, I did go to my OBGYN and we got all good news on that front,” the reality star said at the time. “So whenever we are ready to start trying, so far it looks good.”

One month later, Kristen revealed she had a “nonviable pregnancy” that forced her to miscarry. “I only feel comfortable talking about this because I know so many friends of mine have gone through this,” she shared on the November 2023 episode. “So many women have been through this and it’s really f—king terrifying.”

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Kristen and Luke remain committed to starting a family together. They are also focused on promoting their upcoming reality series after months of having to remain tight-lipped about the project. In addition to Kristen, The Valley viewers will also recognize Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright from their time on Vanderpump Rules.

“We have a new show coming out! It has been referred to as a spinoff of Vanderpump Rules. I would like to think of it as its own original show with three members of a previous cast,” Kristen said on Saturday. “It is very much a new show. It is not about Vanderpump Rules, and it is not about working at a restaurant.”

The Valley is set to premiere on Bravo in spring 2024.


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