In a Fulton County, Georgia court room today, the legal and political travesty known as the Fani Willis case has blown sky-high. Sex, lies and video tape doesn’t do it justice. As a non-lawyer, I’ll insert the word “allegation,” but the televised hearing today answered these allegations as real-time facts.  

From the testimony of special prosecutor Nathan Wade particularly, but also the real-time testimony of Fani’s former friend and co-worker, it’s very clear that there was a romantic relationship between Wade and Willis going back several years and well before criminal indictment charges were brought against Donald Trump and other defendants. 

So, point number one: Willis and Wade lied. She was having an affair, she appointed him special prosecutor, she ginned up this whacko RICO racketeering case that has no merit. She paid him something around $700,000 bucks. They were romantically involved, went on trips together — all paid for by the public taxpayer trough. 


So: they must both resign immediately and they are both disqualified from the case. The case should be dismissed. What’s more, the rest of the Fulton County DA’s office should suffer a major resignation wave, because they knew about it and did not raise their hand to publicly object. 

This whole pathetic tale of Democratic corruption should be a lesson to the entire country – that it is time for a change. 

Now, don’t forget, Wade and Willis spent a good amount of time in the Biden White House, undoubtedly getting coached about how to proceed in their weaponized lawfare attack on Donald Trump. 

That’s really at the heart of this, with the usual Democratic corruption layered on top of it. Investigative journalist Matt Taibbi spelled it out in his explosive article: “Is the Electoral Fix Already In?” He called it a “lawfare election.” He noted how Democrats were planning to sabotage the entire 2024 election game. 

He described the Transition Integrity Project, led by Jennifer Granholm, John Podesta, and Donna Brazile, who were gathering to war-game contested election scenarios. They were ready for Trump insurrection, but Trump didn’t insurrect anything — neither charged nor convicted. What has happened is that the Democrats are insurrectionists from the White House on down. 

The Fanni Willis-Nathan Wade catastrophe is just a bunch of dirt and grime near the bottom of the greasy political pole in the once-great city of Atlanta, which itself has been dragged into lawlessness and crime by left-wing progressive Democrats. 

Democrats like these look at government not as a noble calling, but as a way to get rich off of the public taxpayer trough, a way to use government power to enrich themselves and prosecute their opponents. 

The Democratic Party has become a corrupt party, from top to bottom, from Joe Biden influence peddling, to election sabotage, to weaponized lawfare, to Russian hoaxes, to throwing Donald Trump in jail for 700 years, and through constant lying to the public. 


I will say, as a former Democrat many years ago, it wasn’t always this way in that party, but the further left the party has gone, the further the party’s collectivist embrace of big government socialism, the more corrupt the Democrats have become. 

The Fani Willis episode is just one more example of Democratic corruption and that is why it is so essential that Donald Trump be elected president to clean the stables and drain the swamp. 

 This article is adapted from Larry Kudlow’s opening commentary on the February 15, 2023, edition of “Kudlow.”     


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