Logan Paul says he was ‘willing to step in for Mike Tyson’ to fight brother Jake

Fans of the Paul brothers have been calling for the two to fight each other, and apparently, it almost happened.

The younger brother in Jake has taken boxing a bit more seriously, with 10 professional fights under his belt (he is 9-1) on his noted quest to become a world champion. Logan has just two.

Jake was set to fight Mike Tyson on July 20, but a medical scare postponed that fight roughly four months. It will now take place on Nov. 15.

When Tyson was forced to bow out temporarily, though, Logan was ready to get in the ring.

On his podcast with former President Trump, Logan said he was “willing to step in for Mike Tyson” for the bout.

“We actually ran it up the chain at Netflix,” Logan said.

Trump replied, “it’s hard to fight your brother.”

“Not for a big old bag,” Logan joked.

Logan, a WWE superstar, said that he and his brother have “never even sparred.” However, the two found each other in a highly-publicized tiff with one another last year, stemming from each of their energy drink brands.

Jake is a partner with CELSIUS energy drinks, while Logan, alongside fellow YouTuber KSI (who is a rival of Jake), founded PRIME in 2022. 

Logan Paul at boxing fight


Logan said on an August 2023 episode of his podcast that he had been threatened to be ejected from Jake’s fight against Nate Diaz at American Airlines Arena in Dallas earlier that month if he brought a PRIME bottle inside the venue. CELSIUS was the main sponsor for the fight.

The two shared harsh words for one another, but that led to a fanfare conspiracy theory that the two were simply just marketing a Paul vs. Paul boxing match. 

Jake denied that to Fox News Digital roughly a month later, saying the beef was all real, but they managed to squash it all “in private.”

“Sometimes, brothers get into little bickering matches, and that’s just the name of the game. I think family goes through the bumps – there’s just 100 million people watching,” Jake quipped at the time.

As Jake has continued to fight boxers who are not exactly household names until Tyson, fans still want it.

Logan was ready to give everyone a show, and apparently, so was Jake.

Jake and Logan Paul at weigh in

“Me and Jake decided, obviously, we both come from a place of love, and whatever the outcome would be, we’d have to be OK with it,” Logan said.

Evidently, the decision was made to stick with Tyson. However, it is pretty evident that brother-on-brother crime cannot be ruled out in the future.

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