NBA superstar LeBron James did not play basketball at Ohio State, but he was born in Ohio and has shown his support for the Buckeyes over the years.

Michigan’s football program is embroiled in a sign-stealing scandal, which prompted the Big Ten Conference to suspend Jim Harbaugh from coaching the team’s final three regular-season games.

Wolverines football staffer Connor Stalions was suspended over the alleged sign-stealing scheme, later resigning.

Ohio State fans, as you may have heard, are not fond of Michigan football. Even James could not help himself when the opportunity presented itself to take a jab at the Buckeyes’ top rival. 

The 19-time All-Star took a light-hearted swipe at the Wolverines and Harbaugh in the aftermath of the Los Angeles Lakers’ win over the Phoenix Suns Friday night.


James said the Lakers were able to decipher some of Suns coach Frank Vogel’s signals on the sideline because the team is familiar with him. Vogel coached the Lakers when they won their 2020 title in the NBA bubble.

“The best thing about tonight is we were able to get those signals, and we’ll still be able to play on Sunday,” James said, referring to the Lakers’ next game. “We won’t get suspended, like that team up north.”

College Football

Even without Harbaugh on the sidelines, the Wolverines defeated Penn State. The win improved Michigan’s record to 10-0. Running back Blake Corum rushed for 145 yards and scored two touchdowns to help lift the Wolverines to a 24-15 victory.

Michigan Wolverines helmet

The undefeated Wolverines are seeking a third straight Big Ten title. Harbaugh’s suspension only applies to the regular season. So, he would be permitted to return to the sidelines if Michigan advances to the Big Ten championship game. 

Harbaugh would also be eligible to coach for any potential College Football Playoff games or other bowl games. Michigan has not won a national title since 1997.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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