During his “My Take,” Thursday, “Varney & Co.” host Stuart Varney explains how President Biden is in “deep political trouble” and is pivoting on his policies to make himself “look good” ahead of the March 7th State of the Union address. The show host argues that the address will mark a reset to his 2024 re-election campaign. 

STUART VARNEY: Two weeks from today, March 7th, the President delivers the State of the Union address.

It will be a campaign speech, and because he’s in deep political trouble now, he is beginning to pivot. 

He’s trimming failed policies and expanding giveaways. He wants to look good. 


Biden is about to unveil executive orders on the border. The announcement will come soon, just in time for him to claim he’s fixing the problem. 

Nonsense of course, but when he makes the point in his speech, you are guaranteed to see the Democrats stand up and cheer.

He’s expanding the student loan giveaway. Another 153,000 borrowers have just had their loans canceled.

In total, 3.9 million borrowers have had their debt wiped out, costing $138 billion. He’s bought a lot of votes with your taxpayer dollars.

And, let’s not forget his retreat on the unpopular and unsuccessful electric vehicle mandate

He probably won’t make a big deal about that in his speech, because the “greens” don’t like it, but he’ll make up for it with claims that he’s the most climate-friendly president to date!

The State of the Union speech marks a reset for the Biden campaign.  He needs one because he’s underwater on almost every major issue.

But will the pivot work? I’m not so sure. The big negative for the President is his age and cognitive ability.

The latest Quinnipiac poll shows 2 out of 3, 67%, think Biden is too old to serve another 4-year term.

You can give money away, you can trim unpopular policies, but it’s very hard to turn around the perception of mental and physical decline.


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