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Paige DeSorbo got a lot of attention from Summer House newbie Jesse Solomon while filming season 8 — but unlike some of her costars, it didn’t bother her at all.

“If no one hit on me all summer, I would cry,” Paige, 31, confessed during the Thursday, March 28, episode of the Summer House After Show. “I’d pack it in.”

She joked, “That’s it, it’s over for me. I’ve hit 31 and I’m done.”

Paige explained she was “thankful” for Jesse, 31, thinking she was hot enough to hit on during the first few weeks of shooting. “I was like, ‘Oh my god thanks,’” Paige said.

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The Bravo star also teased that her boyfriend, Craig Conover, didn’t see Jesse as competition. “This was so mean, but also Craig met Jesse and was like, ‘Oh, yeah Paige,’” she said in a mocking tone.

During Thursday’s episode of Summer House, Kyle Cooke came under fire when he brought up Jesse’s interest in Paige while Craig, 35, was at the dinner table.

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“Do you want to rethink how hard you were hitting on her the first couple of weekends,” Kyle, 42, asked Jesse, which caused Craig to laugh and Jesse to uncomfortably smile.

Craig, however, wasn’t upset. “She’s a pretty girl. I would too,” he told the group, explaining, “You don’t want to date someone that wouldn’t get hit on.”

The Southern Charm star later confided in Amanda Batula and Paige about the awkward situation. “You guys are just like, ‘Let’s think about the most absurd thing you can say to someone and just go!’” Craig said. Paige giggled, “That’s what our dinners are.”

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Looking back at the conversation, Paige revealed she “wasn’t mad at Kyle” for bringing up the topic. “Craig should know that other men hit on me,” she said on the After Show.

Kyle insisted that he was doing it to “break the ice” and it backfired since his wife, Amanda, 32, got the most upset by his remarks.

“I got pissed at Kyle for asking that because he didn’t put any thought into how it could’ve affected other people at the table,” Amanda said during the Thursday interview, while Kyle noted it “spiraled” more than he anticipated.

Jesse, meanwhile, explained on the After Show that he was fine with Craig after he not-so-subtly hit on his girlfriend while Craig wasn’t in the Hamptons. (Jesse admitted he was “eyeing” Paige during episode 2, saying, “If there’s a cute girl, I’m going to go after her.”)

“We called him Craigy Beast to his face, and he loved it,” Jesse claimed, confessing that he does have a “flirty personality.”

Jesse also alleged that he didn’t purposely put his hand on Paige’s knee during one of their nights out, which caused controversy during episode 3.

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“I was scared that Lindsay [Hubbard] cocked her fist back and was about to knock me out,” Jesse claimed, demonstrating that he leaned over to get out of the line of fire.

Craig, meanwhile, exclusively told Us Weekly on Thursday that he’s in a good place with Paige after dating more than two years.

“[I’m] going into this new era in my life,” he told Us, citing his “real relationship” with Paige as and his budding Sewing Down South business as part of his positive life change.

Summer House airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET. Episodes are available next day on Peacock, while Summer House After Show episodes drop on Thursdays via the streaming platform.


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