Two-time Super Bowl champion Terrell Suggs was arrested in Arizona Tuesday after police say he displayed a gun during a dispute at a Starbucks drive-thru last month. 

Suggs, 41, was arrested and booked into the Maricopa County jail on two counts, including assault and offenses against public order after a March 10 incident at a Starbucks in Scottsdale, online jail records show.

According to The Associated Press, the veteran NFL player was in line to order coffee when he had to back up after driving past the ordering speaker. He backed into another vehicle. Despite no damage to either vehicle, Suggs and the other driver exited their vehicles and argued before returning and collecting their orders.

Suggs then allegedly made an obscene gesture at the other driver and threatened to kill him. He allegedly displayed a gun out the window – not at the man – and left. 

Suggs released a statement through his management group, claiming the other man involved “escalated the situation.” 

Terrell Suggs before an NFL game

“I was in a quiet area of Scottsdale in the middle of the day in a Starbucks drive-thru near my home when an incident happened with a vehicle behind me. I was getting coffee. I was not looking for any trouble,” Suggs said in the statement, via ESPN. 


“When the man in the other vehicle escalated the situation, I feared for my safety, not knowing what his intentions were. Throughout the incident, I was the one who felt in danger, while fearing I would be followed home and for the safety of my family nearby at my residence.” 

Law enforcement identified Suggs through video surveillance. He was reportedly released early Wednesday morning. He is due back in court April 29. 

Terrell Suggs reacts after a sack

A seven-time Pro Bowl selection who was the defensive rookie of the year in 2003 and the defensive player of the year in 2011, Suggs played for the Baltimore Ravens from 2003-18 after being selected 10th overall in the NFL draft out of Arizona State.

He also played for the Kansas City Chiefs, winning his second Super Bowl in 2020. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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