Supporters rally around Trump outside NYC courthouse: Biden ‘ain’t for’ Black America

Trump supporters, who gathered outside the New York City courtroom on Wednesday where the former president is facing criminal charges, rallied in support of him and sounded off on the “judicial lynching” they say he is facing with the trial.

“I love Trump and I love what he did for me and my people, Black people, he really helped us out,” a Black New Yorker wearing a Trump hat told Fox News Digital.  “What they doing right now is really ridiculous, these court cases and everything that they doing towards him…they trying to stop the momentum from winning the election.”

“It ain’t happening man, we f— with Trump, Black people we really with Trump.”


The man went on to dismiss the idea that the Biden administration is defending “Black America.”

“Biden ain’t for no Black America,” the man continued. “I lost everything since Biden been in, I had a whole limousine business, I had a whole car business selling cars, buying and selling cars, that all went down the drain when Biden got in. I had to go now sleep in the God d—  car. I don’t get a free hotel like immigrants get.”


Trump in court

“We gotta get them outta there,” the man, who identified himself as being from New York, said about politicians who say there is “no place for Trump in New York.” 

“They don’t do nothing for us, AOC don’t do nothing for us,” he added.

“This is a judicial lynching, he did nothing wrong,” a white man wearing a “Gays for Trump” shirt told Fox News Digital on Wednesday afternoon.  “He will be found innocent, even if he isn’t and he’s railroaded by the Democratic Marxist party, I will vote for him regardless of the outcome.”

Conservative activist and artist Scott LoBaido also spoke to Fox News Digital outside the courtroom and said the court is “humiliating not only Donald Trump” and “not only us” but “the judicial system itself.”

“I’m here to return the favor and humiliate them,” LoBaido, who unveiled a portrait he painted mocking actor Robert DeNiro who was strongly criticized for bashing Trump outside the courtroom on Tuesday, told Fox News Digital.

New York Supreme Court Judge Juan Merchan listens as former U.S. President Donald Trump watches as Stormy Daniels is questioned by defense attorney Susan Necheles during Trump's criminal trial

“This guy’s a cry baby, spoiled rotten, he doesn’t understand these people that can’t afford a dozen eggs, can’t afford gas, that have illegal aliens rampaging through their neighborhoods, crime, he’s protected, and for him to call us haters of Democracy? No.” 

Not everyone gathered outside the New York City courtroom had glowing things to say about the former president including one Black man who told the camera that Trump has “released a spirit of delusion” and a “spirit of division.”

Jurors in the case were handed their final instructions on Wednesday and were sent out to deliberate on Trump’s guilt in the 34 charges against him stemming from allegations he improperly covered up an NDA agreement with porn star Stormy Daniels. Trump has pleaded not guilty on all counts and dismissed the allegations as a political prosecution.

The jury went home for the day around 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday and is set to resume deliberations on Thursday morning.

Fox News Digital’s Matteo Cina contributed to this report


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