Galaxy A54 camera ‘downgrade’ might just have been confirmed

While there’s a good six months left before the Galaxy A53 completes one year on the market, we’ve heard rumors that work on the Galaxy A54 has been in full swing for some time. We have also heard that the Galaxy A54 might sport a main camera with a lower megapixel count than its predecessor, and today, a new report supporting that particular detail has been published online.

Our friends over at GalaxyClub –– who have an excellent track record of correctly revealing such details about upcoming Galaxy devices — have learned that the Galaxy A54 does indeed have a 50MP main camera, suggesting a downgrade (at least in terms of pure megapixel count) is on the cards. For those who need a refresher, both the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A53 feature 64MP main rear cameras.

Galaxy A54 camera setup could bring notable changes

Unfortunately, no information on other specs of the Galaxy A54’s main camera has been revealed. Still, we can assume that it won’t be the same flagship 50MP camera that debuted on the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ earlier this year and will be more in line with the mid-range 50MP camera sensor Samsung has been using for its recent mid-range smartphones.

Of course, we will be glad to be proven wrong. In fact, considering Samsung’s Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A53 already feature many flagship-level features, such as water resistance, high refresh rate screens, and stereo speakers, it wouldn’t be completely out of the realm of possibility that the Galaxy A54 could come with a flagship-grade camera as one of the upgrades to entice customers.

In addition to the switch to a lower-resolution main camera, rumor has it that the Galaxy A54, along with other mid-range Galaxy smartphones, could miss out on a depth camera. But details are scarce at the moment, and again, there’s around six months to go before the Galaxy A54 is expected to be released. Nothing can be said for certain at this time, except that the phone is guaranteed to run Android 13 and One UI 5 out of the box.

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