Intel announces Arc A770 GPU at $329, launches October 12th

Intel finally announces its Arc Alchemist Desktop graphics card

Pat Gelsinger confirms Arc A770 GPU will launch in fourth quarter.

Only one GPU was announced today, the A770 Limited Edition, the flagship of the Arc Alchemist desktop series, will launch on October 12th.

At Intel Innovation, Intel CEO confirms that the A770 will cost 329 USD, which is indeed a very low price for this model. Here’s a reminder that A770 features a full ACM-G10 GPU with 32 Xe-Cores and either 8GB to 16GB memory. However, Intel’s Limited Edition only comes with 16GB VRAM. The $329 price may refer to the 8GB model.

Intel claims that their GPU offers up to 65% better peak performance versus competing products (presumably NVIDIA RTX 3060 series) in ray tracing.

Unfortunately, there is no information on A750 or A580 GPU availability yet, not to mention their prices. Ryan Shrout, who was the face behind Arc Alchemist marketing campaign, confirmed that we will hear more about A750 GPU later this week. Furthermore, Pat Gelsinger confirmed that A770 LE are now shipping to reviewers.

The Limited Edition will be sold by Intel and their etail and retail partners. The company released these new pictures presenting the packaging that we have seen in the teasers for the past few months.

With the first GPU launching on October 12th, one should also note that on the same day, NVIDIA is launching its RTX 4090 GPU.

Intel Desktop ARC Alchemist Series Specifications Arc A770 16GB Arc A770 8GB Arc A750 Arc A580 Arc A380
Xe Cores
XMX Engines
FP32 Cores
GPU Clock
Memory Size
Memory Bus
Memory Clock
MSRP starting at $329 TBC TBC $139
Launch Date October 12th TBC Later Released in June

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