A Texas door-to-door salesman was called a racial slur and shot at by a resident at a home he stopped at — but was miraculously saved by his electronic tablet device that blocked the bullet.

The victim, who works for Reliant Energy, was left “shook up” by the terrifying ordeal at the Fort Worth residence.

“He just came out and just straight pointed the barrel at me and then shot me and told me to ‘get away from here, n—–,'” the victim, whose name was not disclosed, told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth. “I’m lucky it didn’t hit me, it hit the tablet.”

The door-to-door salesman shows where a bullet hit his tablet.NBCDFW

Fort Worth Police said they responded to a call near the 3100 block of Purington Avenue on Thursday and found an adult male who said he was going door to door as a salesman for the local energy company.

At one home, an adult male suspect “started yelling racial slurs at him and then fired a weapon toward him,” police said.

The salesman showed NBC Dallas-Fort Worth his wrecked tablet, its glass shattered with what appears to be a bullet hole and a bullet-sized dent visible in the back.

When officers investigated, they found no one inside the residence where the resident opened fire. Authorities did not name the victim nor the suspect.

The house in Fort Worth, Texas, where a door-to-door salesman was shot.
The house in Fort Worth, Texas, where a door-to-door salesman was shot.NBCDFW

Police said Monday the case is still under investigation and officers “will be writing a warrant” on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The victim, who said he’s worked for Reliant doing sales for 10 years, said: “This is the one thing I always fear — getting shot at the door and today it happened.”

“I got two daughters. I could’ve been in the hospital dead now,” he added.


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