Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, daylight is going the extra mile — and Aries season is raging.

Yes, friends, spring hath sprung and with it the ancient call to begin again.

Human behavior is intrinsically tied to seasonal patterns and natural cycles. Our energy levels dip when less daylight is available as darkness triggers the body’s production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin.

Come spring and its extended sunshine, our energy levels soar and we are more inclined to want to scrub, dust, polish and purge.

Read on to learn how each zodiac sign can make the most of this momentum.

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Polish mirrors, clean windows

Windex your self-image, Aries. Daniel Krylov –

Clean your windows and polish your mirrors, Aries.

As the ruler of the first house of the self, who you are and how you are seen are of primary importance at the first sign of spring.

The practice of clearing away any dirt or debris from mirrored surfaces lends itself to taking a long look at yourself. In terms of ritual and intention, cleaning and clarifying your window panes will invite clarity and the light of a new dawn into your daily life.

Pro tip: Clean your windows on a cloudy day as the showboating sun can dry cleaning solutions too quickly, leaving panes streaky rather than squeaky clean.

Deep clean your refrigerator and purge your pantry

Detox your fridge and restock like the earthen royalty you are. fuzzbones –

As the sign of wealth and worth, Taurus understands that you must eat well to be well.

Clear the way for brighter days and better meals by cleaning out your refrigerator and purging your pantry this spring. Pitch the expired aioli, the wilted romaine and the flat Champagne. Give your shelves a scrubbing and restock like the earthen royalty you are.

To save space when you restock, remove products from their packaging when possible and mark the expiration date with a permanent marker.

Clean up your communication systems

Geminis can spring clean of their socials. svetazi –

As a Mercury-ruled sign, you would be best served by cleaning up your communication systems, Gemini.

Unsubscribe to conspiracy newsletters, delete apps you don’t need and update the ones you use, and scrub your camera roll of exes, accidental screenshots and mediocre nudes.

Apply an editorial eye to your social media platforms, and clean out any content that doesn’t feel relevant or rewarding. Back up the files on your phone — and make the outside match the inside by cleaning your device with a microfiber cloth to remove dirt, dust and bacteria.

Kondo your closet, cull your keepsakes and donate your clothing

As the sign voted most likely to hold on to orphaned old socks, Cancer, I urge you to let go and throw out this spring. yurakrasil –

I see you, Cancer, huffing your ex’s hoodie, carrying around a quarter-full bottle of old cologne and hoarding baby teeth that don’t belong to you.

The time is nigh to free yourself from the physical reminders of a past that you no longer need to revisit. Cut the cord, burn the letters, donate the detrimental.

Refresh your mattress

Refresh your horizontal throne this spring, Leo. New Africa –

Rulers of the heart and the fifth house of creativity, Leos require rest to maintain their manes and regal bearing. The mattress, that horizontal throne, is where cat naps are held and dreams and love are made.

In-kind and in service to both romance and regeneration, lions should launder all of their bedding, replace pillows if need be and mattresses if necessary. If new springs are out of the question or beyond your budget, flip your mattress, sprinkle it with baking soda and vacuum the hell and hair out of it.

Also, make sure you clear out and clean out the space beneath your bed as it is a magnet for the stagnant — both energetically and tangibly.

Update your first-aid kit

Virgos would be wise to update their tool kit for healing, physical and otherwise. brozova –

As the sign of divine service, Virgo, it is important that you feel prepared for any crisis.

Updating your first-aid kit to include practical essentials and spiritual tools will help ensure you can take care of yourself and provide for others.

Beyond bandages, consider adding crystals, sound bowls and homeopathic remedies to your toolbox and implementing a therapy practice to ensure you are giving with and from a hearty cup.

Cull your toiletries

Clean up your cosmetics, Libra. Pixel-Shot –

Ruled as you are by aesthetics = actualization planet Venus, Libra, I bow to your need for products.

In the interest of fresh starts and faces, I urge you to purge your toiletries. If you don’t use it, lose it; if it’s expired, let it go. Streamline your skincare and, for the love of the Almighty, get rid of the 14 half-used bottles of lotion that are littering your life and silently sending the message that you need more and deserve less.

Release resentment

A Scorpio letting go and getting free. ipopba –

As a fixed sign, Scorpios tend to hold onto things — namely grudges and festering resentments.

In a true spring cleaning ritual, I recommend that every scorpion under the sun forgive, privately and quietly, at least one person who has wronged, betrayed, failed or disappointed them.

Turn the other cheek and transform the poison you make into the medicine you need.

Clean your means of movement

Clean your means of transportation, Sagittarius. highwaystarz –

As the sign of endless adventure and the siren song of the open road, it is recommended that archers first and foremost ensure their passports are up to date.

Beyond that, however you get where you are going, Sagittarius, refresh your means of movement. Clean out your car, replace your bike tires or, if you’re on foot, invest in a fresh pair of kicks or new soles for old boots.

Upgrade your home office

Capricorns should beautify their work spaces this spring. pikselstock –

Capricorns rule the teeth and skeletal system and tend to keep it clean and always stay on their proverbial grind.

Sea goats with home offices or work studios would be wise to recycle unnecessary paperwork, sanitize their computer, dust ye olde bookshelf, straighten their trophies and, perhaps most importantly, introduce an element of pure aesthetic joy into the space they frequent the most.

Think bold accent wall, abstract art, Banzai tree, vintage club chair, etc. — one thing whose purpose is prettiness.

Replace lightbulbs and check for damaged wires

Let new lighting spark fresh creativity, Aquarius. SKT Studio –

You’re the resident visionary/oddball genius of the zodiac, Aquarius, and if you can’t see clearly, you won’t be able to see clearly.

Addressing any electrical issues in your home and replacing your lightbulbs/light sources with adjustable, warm or colored lighting will serve to soften your edges and enhance your space.

Ritual floor wash

Fish folk can usher out the baddies with a ritual floor wash. saied shahinkiya –

Wide-eyed empath babies, Pisces folks tend to absorb the energy of others, collecting the psychic clutter of strangers, lovers and friends.

To help remove unwanted attachments or energies and prevent future intrusion, I recommend a deep cleaning of the home, followed by a ritual floor wash to remove hexes and then a suds bucket to protect against negativity.

Astrologer Reda Wigle researches and irreverently reports back on planetary configurations and their effect on each zodiac sign. Her horoscopes integrate history, poetry, pop culture, and personal experience. She is also an accomplished writer who has profiled a variety of artists and performers, as well as extensively chronicled her experiences while traveling. Among the many intriguing topics she has tackled are cemetery etiquette, her love of dive bars, a “girl’s guide” to strip clubs, and the “weirdest” foods available abroad.


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