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If you’re living in 2024, you know that white sneakers are one of the trendiest shoes on the market. We’re not complaining. After all, bright white kicks are ultra-versatile, pairing seamlessly with almost any outfit and adding a pop of contrast. Jennifer Lopez is a fan of the look too, rocking a $1,200 pair of white Prada sneakers this week on the streets of New York City. And no, that extra digit isn’t a typo!

Since it was raining, she wore them with an athletic rain outfit — leggings, a turtleneck top, a bomber-style rain jacket and an umbrella, of course! There are many different types of white sneakers, some geared toward fashion and others geared more toward fitness, but J.Lo’s Prada shoes look both glamorous and sporty…we want a pair!

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This pair of sneakers looks exactly like Jennifer’s, just $1,160 cheaper; they’re almost the exact same level of chunky and bold. These fashionable sneakers are designed for running, making them ultra-lightweight, breathable, flexible and comfortable. The memory foam insole cushions every step while the outsole grooves increase traction, so you won’t be sliding around — even in the rain!

Supportive heels absorb shock, yielding smooth landings and wider strides. And if you’re not a runner, these shoes will make your hot girl walks much more comfortable — we promise! Plus, airy nylon mesh uppers allow for constant ventilation, preventing the dreaded post-walk stench that typically emanates from sneakers.

If you want to style them like J. Lo, try going for an athleisure look — leggings or sweatpants, a workout tank and a zip-up hoodie should do the trick! For day-to-day wear, you’re going to want to pair these sneakers with wide-leg jeans, a half-tucked top, your favorite handbag and layers if needed.

You can also wear them with dresses and skirts this spring to max out in the fashion and comfort departments. So chic! But regardless of where you’re headed or what you’re doing, there will always be a way to style these, especially if you opt for minimalistic white. The shoes come in a few other colors though, so choose whichever suits your fancy!

Get the Akk Breathable Walking Fashion Sneakers for $40 on Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, April 3, 2024, but are subject to change.

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