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If you’re a plus-sized person and you don’t like to wear shorts, that just means you haven’t found the right shorts yet. We get it. They can be uncomfortable, they can chafe, and they can feel downright unpleasant to walk around in. But there’s an answer, and it comes in the form of some super comfortable shorts we found deep in the fashion section at Walmart. You don’t have to drop hundreds on clothes to feel confident in what you wear. You can look great and feel great for less.

The $17 (yes, just $17) Terra & Sky Bermuda Denim Shorts can be found at Walmart in a range of sizes and in a nice blue denim and black denim. They’re comfortable, long enough to cover anywhere that you might consider problem areas, and oh-so lightweight. They might be the shorts you’ve always been waiting to “meet” – and they can go home with you today!

Get the Terra & Sky Bermuda Denim Shorts for just $17 at Walmart!

Their stretchiness make them comfortable to move around in, whether you’re going on long beach walks or hanging out at brunch. They also have special front pockets to help hold your tummy in for a slimmer silhouette, including belt loops to keep the shorts in place if they end up moving around a bit.

Get the Terra & Sky Bermuda Denim Shorts for just $17 at Walmart!

Don’t let fear of how you’ll look in shorts or the dreaded “chub rub” keep you from strutting your stuff and looking how you want to when you go out, vacation or not. These can solve all those perceived problems and then some. And for less than $20, they’re super affordable, too. Be sure to grab a pair!

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