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No one can recreate the chaos that was Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder on Vanderpump Rules — but Vanderpump Villa is definitely trying its best with Marciano Brunette and Hannah Fouch.

Vanderpump Rules, which premiered in 2013, introduced Bravo viewers to the staff at Lisa Vanderpump‘s SUR restaurant as their personal drama affected their time at work. Jax and Stassi, specifically, set a gold standard when it came to over-the-top relationships that crashed and burned after many onscreen ups and downs.

No other short-lived romance could ever compare to Jax and Stassi’s messy time together. Vanderpump Villa‘s Marciano and Hannah, however, seem to be giving the OG Vanderpump Rules couple a run for their money.

During the Vanderpump Villa premiere in March 2024, Marciano and Hannah discussed their uncertain status. They dated but infidelity on his part led to their split, which didn’t actually stop Marciano and Hannah from remaining in each other’s lives.

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“After the first day, you see that if I didn’t have [Marciano], I think it would be a very difficult journey for me,” Hannah exclusively told Us Weekly that same month about filming with her ex-boyfriend. “So I’m so grateful that we were part of this journey together.”

Marciano was on the same page, telling Us, “Working with an ex is actually something that we’re both very comfortable with because we do that here in Las Vegas right now. We have [done that] multiple times whether we were together or not, so I wasn’t worried so much about that.”

As the first season of Vanderpump Villa continued to unfold, it was hard not to notice the similarities between Marciano and Hannah and the tumultuous former couple that paved the way for them.

Keep scrolling to see the eerie similarities between Marciano and Hannah and Jax and Stassi:

Unstable Foundation Before Filming

As soon as Vanderpump Rules initially started filming, Jax and Stassi’s relationship was on the rocks. Most of the first season revolved around rumors that Jax cheated on Stassi during a trip to Las Vegas. He subsequently confessed to the infidelity after a messy split from Stassi.

Years later, their former costar Kristen Doute revealed that Jax and Stassi were so on-and-off that they pretended to be together at the beginning of the series. The pair, however, were on the outs and their issues were there from the very beginning.

Marciano and Hannah got introduced to Us immediately as the exes who weren’t quite done yet. They admitted in individual confessionals that they weren’t actually together but Marciano and Hannah would continue to hint at a potential reconciliation.

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The Same Leading Roles

Vanderpump Villa s Marciano Hannah Are Eerily Similar to VPR s Jax Stassi
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Stassi’s introduction on Vanderpump Rules was nothing short of iconic. “My mom always told me that I’m the descendant of a Swedish princess, so I try to act like one,” she told the cameras.

In her first few minutes on Vanderpump Villa, Hannah embodied the same main character energy, saying, “People are intimidated by me. If I feel a certain way, I have no problem saying it to your face. But I am definitely a girls’ girl. I am the server that makes you want to come back.”

Jax, meanwhile, was a player from the start and he didn’t exactly try to hide it. Just ask former SUR waitress Laura-Leigh.

Marciano was also similarly forthcoming about struggling with monogamy. “Growing up in Las Vegas, I worked at all the best nightclubs. I was able to easily translate that to the restaurant business,” he explained. “But at my job, they had to make a policy that you cannot sleep with any other employees because I slept with an extraordinary amount of employees.”

Occasional Infidelity

Vanderpump Villa s Marciano Hannah Are Eerily Similar to VPR s Jax Stassi
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In addition to Jax cheating on Stassi in Vegas, viewers and cast were in for a surprise when the second season unearthed an even bigger scandal. Jax spent most of the season denying that he hooked up with Stassi’s friend Kristen Doute while simultaneously trying to win his ex over. The truth eventually came out though and Jax admitted to cheating with Kristen on two separate occasions.

Hannah revealed on Vanderpump Villa that she and Marciano also parted ways because of infidelity.

“He cheated on me so I moved out and then we ended up hooking up again,” she shared. “Things between Marciano and I are complicated. We dated for three years and broke up because he cheated on me.”

Marciano also weighed in on their dynamic, telling their coworkers, “That’s my ex-girlfriend. I love her and she’s awesome but I don’t know what she’s thinking. … I am a bad dog at times.”

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Tendency to Drink on the Job

Vanderpump Villa s Marciano Hannah Are Eerily Similar to VPR s Jax Stassi
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic; Courtesy of Marciano Brunette/Instagram

Working at SUR meant knowing how to order drinks while on the clock. Château Rosabelle doesn’t appear to be that different. Throughout the premiere, Marciano and Hannah took rather large sips of alcohol while on the job.

Marciano specifically got so wrapped up in seeing Hannah again that he over served himself before a group dinner with Lisa.

“I am glad that Hannah is here. But being around each other, I am anxious and a whirlwind of emotions at this point,” he said as a month of him drinking various cocktails played on screen. “I still love my ex and that makes me emotional and sad and happy that I have a chance. Any of those things I get nervous and scared.”

Talking Back to Lisa Vanderpump

After getting wasted before dinner, Marciano spoke to Lisa in a way she didn’t appreciate, which felt entirely too reminiscent of Jax’s time on Vanderpump Rules. Jax’s last scene before his exit featured a conversation between him and Lisa where he referred to Vanderpump Rules as his show. Jax subsequently didn’t return for the next season — and remained on the outs with Lisa for a good amount of time before they figured out their issues.

The cast dinner got even worse though when Lisa left. Marciano mentioned his relationship with Hannah when he gushed over their early days together.

“What’s the best date you’ve ever been on? This is really easy. It was with the girl sitting right next to me. First date we ever went on, we went out to dinner and it was really nice,” he said before making a vulgar comment about their sex life that left Hannah “mortified” in front of their costars.

“Marciano just — I don’t even know what to think,” she continued. “I’m so pissed off at him but I feel like a piece of me still has feelings for Marciano. We have a lot of history together but he can’t be trusted.”

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Jealousy, Jealousy

Vanderpump Villa s Marciano Hannah Are Eerily Similar to VPR s Jax Stassi
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When asked about her relationship with Marciano on Vanderpump Villa, Hannah didn’t have a clear answer.

“We hooked up a month ago. No status, I swear,” she shared. “But there is that jealousy factor that is still involved in our relationship.”

Marciano initially wasn’t thrilled when Hannah let a guest kiss her on the check. “I know for a fact if the roles were reserved she would never be OK with me doing that,” he told the cameras.

Hannah, however, remained unbothered, saying, “We haven’t had a conversation about what we are. We can’t be here and in limbo. I don’t really give a s—t about Marciano’s feelings because he has done me dirty in the past.”

The situation got even worse when Hannah saw Priscila Ferrari sitting in front of Marciano in a position she didn’t appreciate.

“I find Priscilla to be spread eagle very offensive while I am sitting in the middle of her and Marciano,” Hannah explained. “I think it bothers me because we have a big history. I find it disrespectful.”

In response, Marciano said his ex-girlfriend overreacted for no reason. “Hannah has trouble dealing with her emotions and controlling herself. This is completely unwarranted. Priscila is harmless,” he noted. “I still wanna be with her but it doesn’t mean it is going to work.”

Despite the many red flags surrounding their relationship, Hannah chose not to completely shut the door on a future.

“I am extremely confused. When someone shows you who they are, it is extremely hard to trust them again. So it scares me but I love him,” she admitted. “Maybe France will change him.”

In a similar vein, Stassi originally cut ties with Jax when he confirmed his infidelity in the first season. By season 2, however, Jax was doing everything he could to win Stassi back, which included getting a tattoo with her name on it. Jax and Stassi danced around the idea of getting back together before the Kristen hookup bombshell, but Stassi could never fully commit due to her ex-boyfriend’s past mistakes.


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