The Netherlands’ Sophie IN ‘T Veld and Germany’s Damian Boeselager were chosen by Volt in Brussels as lead candidates for the European Parliament election.


Volt is a transnational political movement that brands itself as a ‘truly European Party’.

Boeselager was the only Volt member elected in 2019. Now the party is running in 16 EU countries.

Volt’s priorities are deepening integration, fighting climate change and building an EU army.

Volt has a “symbolic” transnational list of candidates from different countries, but the real lists differ from one member state to another.

If some candidates are elected, they would join the Liberal of the Greens group in the next European Parliament. Volt would negotiate with the two groups and then submit the decision to a vote among its members.

The 2024 European Parliament election is scheduled to be held on 6 to 9 June.


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