Voters predict outcome of Trump trial on day two of deliberations

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Bystanders gathered outside the New York City courthouse where former President Trump is facing criminal charges gave their predictions on the trial’s outcome as the jury continued its second day of deliberations.

“Trump is 100% not guilty,” said one woman who traveled from Delaware to support Trump, saying it was “so sad” the country was having to endure a case like this, and referring to presiding Judge Juan Merchan as “evil” and “stupid.”

“I pray God will bless Trump. If Trump wins, America wins because these people are very evil. I can’t believe this is happening in America,” she told Fox News Digital. “I pray God will bless Trump. We love Trump. I love God, I love Trump.”


Another woman who traveled from Florida to show her support for Trump didn’t share what she thought the verdict would ultimately be, but was certain, either way, it was making Democrats “looks very bad.”

“They’re making our country look like a freak show. This is not what our judiciary branch is supposed to be doing. This is ridiculous,” she said. 

“These charges should never have been brought. Alvin Bragg is a New York attorney. This is supposedly a federal crime. This is out of his wheelhouse. He has no right to bring this case seven years later or whatever it is. They’re laughing at us all across the world. They’re saying this is not America, this isn’t justice. This is a freak show. This is a circus.”

She added that the trial was neither hurting or helping Trump’s campaign because people’s minds “are already made up.”

“I hear and see a lot of people that are supporting him. People that you would not think by looking at them that they would be supporting him, but they are. Maybe they’re afraid to come out and say it in public, but I think you can turn New York red,” she said.

“Good luck. You look like morons. You’re making us look stupid around the world,” she said of President Biden and Democrats, who she hinted were, at least partially, behind the prosecution against Trump. “God bless you President Trump. You’ll always be our president. Felon or not, we love you.”

One man told Fox he foresaw a hung jury, but that it would be a guilty verdict if not.

“If there is one person holding out, they’re going to dox the crap out of that person, and they’ll lose their life … not physically, just financially,” he said.

“In this case, the crime is so complex because there’s no crime there. They just threw a whole bunch of crap in there, so they had to go over and read all these pages … and it doesn’t go anywhere. So their decision is going to be based on like a coin toss I guess.”

The man said he “100%” believed there would be grounds for an appeal should Trump be convicted.

Not all bystanders were there to support Trump, including one native New Yorker who described herself as a “life-long Democrat” and Biden supporter.

“I think there is a tremendous amount of evidence that shows there was a crime. The only questionable evidence was Michael Cohen because he has a history of not telling the truth,” the woman told Fox, saying that if she were a member of the jury she would support a conviction.

“I would be very disappointed and surprised if there was an acquittal,” she said, adding she was “very concerned” about the possibility of Trump getting re-elected.

Jurors were released at 4:30pm on Thursday. Earlier in the day they had Judge Juan Merchan reread the deliberation instructions and rehearing testimony from Michael Cohen and David Pecker.

Fox News’ Matteo Cina contributed to this report.


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