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Lifestyle books and American history

What should America do with its ex-presidents after they leave the White House? Jared Cohen, bestselling author of “Life After Power: Seven Presidents and Their Search for Purpose Beyond the White House,” has some answers in this exclusive excerpt for Fox News Digital. Click here to get the story. 

Alberta King was the mother of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and a Christian crusader for civil rights. She had already buried two sons when the sounds of a Sunday testimony to Christ were interrupted by gunfire – and her violent death before the altar is largely forgotten to history. Click here to get the story. 

MLK with mother and wife

Odd & viral

A man has gone viral on TikTok after he showed his followers how he gained entry into Disney’s Magic Kingdom with a booklet of Disney World tickets that dated back to the 1970s. Click here to get the story. 

Elmo, the iconic red puppet from Sesame Street, took to “X” to see how everyone was handling 2024 so far — and the responses attracted by the seemingly innocent post were not so innocent. Click here to get the story. 

elmo viral tweet split

Faith & values

Hallow, the Christian prayer app, will run its first-ever Super Bowl ad on Feb. 11 during Super Bowl LVIII between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, the company announced. The 30-second ad will feature actors Jonathan Roumie and Mark Wahlberg. Click here to get the story. 

Pastor Russ Ewell, executive minister at Bay Area Christian Church, said his background makes him particularly dedicated to bringing the religiously unaffiliated — the “nones” — to God. Click here to get the story. 

Food & drink

Should American families really start eating lab-grown meat? Here’s what you must know about the new “cultivated” alternative potentially coming your way. Click here to get the story. 

With only three ingredients, people may be able to have the best sleep of their lives, according to a new trend. “Sleepy girl mocktail” recipes have taken over TikTok with over 57.8 million hashtag views. But does the drink actually work? Click here to get the story.

sleepy girl mocktail split


A woman recently found her lost elderly dog at an unlikely place: a local bar. The bar’s owners believe they know how Bear, a 16-year-old Shih Tzu, ended up there. Click here to get the story.

A Pennsylvania family has been reunited with its cat named Roo after he escaped from the scene of a car crash. Roo’s owner said her “heart is healed” now that her pet is safe at home. Click here to get the story.

Becca holding Roo

Wild nature

Watch as an enormous moose takes a “snowy stroll” in a Colorado homeowner’s backyard. This was frighteningly close! Click here to get the video.

The “first-ever sighting” of a newborn great white shark may have been captured by a filmmaker and a student in California. The footage could help solve some oceanic mysteries related to the species’ birthing habits, said the University of California, Riverside.  Click here to get the story. 


Style and beauty 

Amazingly, a woman’s lost diamond wedding band — made of white gold — was found by workers at a South Carolina recycling facility. Click here to get the story. 

Barber Patrick Regan, also known as @patty_cuts, told Fox News Digital what mega pop star Taylor Swift thinks of her boyfriend Travis Kelce’s haircut. Click here to get the story. 

Travis Kelce leans in to kiss Taylor Swift at Kansas City Chiefs game


Bull riding, cat skiing and more: Here’s a 2024 bucket list for the ultimate adventure seeker. Click here to get the story. 

National Geographic released its annual list of “Best of the World” travel destinations. The “Worth A Trip” series features hotels, restaurants, cultural spots and wellness experiences around the globe. Here are the top spots in the U.S. Click here to get the story. 

worth a trip features


What is “cozy cardio”? Here’s a look into the new fitness craze that’s all over social media. Click here to get the story. 

Americans trust nurses the most of 23 major professions, a new poll finds. An expert says it’s because nurses spend so much time with patients. Click here to get the story. 

Woman with doctor

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