Jess Edwards
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Jess Edwards is ready to shoot her shot with Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor season 28.

“I think Jess & Joey has a nice 💍to it…” Jess, 24, wrote via Instagram in December 2023 after her casting was announced.

Jess will be one of the 32 women looking for love with Joey, 28, on his season, which premieres on ABC Monday, January 22. Joey, for his part, was nervous about balancing connections with multiple women — and not finding The One.

“I think when you get put in this position, your insecurities get magnified,” Joey exclusively told Us Weekly ahead of the season premiere. “I’ve had that issue my entire life where I’ve always questioned if I was going to be good enough for someone in their eyes.”

He continued, “If I finally got to the point that I thought I found my forever person and they didn’t feel the same way, [it’d be hard]. So I mean, [the emotions are] going to come out throughout the season. I talk about it plenty because I’m in a position where my emotions are heightened, and it’s a big fear of mine. And it’s something that I’ve lived with and I’ve tried to work through as much as I can.”

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Why Did Jess Edwards Want to Meet Bachelor Joey Graziadei?

According to her official ABC cast bio, Jess is excited to meet Joey because she wants “to find someone that [she] can trust [her] heart with, someone who will respect [her] and someone who will do anything to cherish [their relationship.]”

Jess also mentioned that she has “always dreamed of finding her perfect fairy-tale love story.”

Where Is Jess Edwards From?

While Jess grew up in east Tennessee, she currently lives in San Diego, California, with her Yorkipoo, Charli.

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What Does Jess Edwards Do for a Living?

Jess works as an executive assistant, and per her cast bio, gets to help “people who have been impacted by natural disasters.”

Who Is Jess Edwards 5 Things to Know About The Bachelor Season 28 Contestant

Jess Edwards
Disney/John Fleenor

Where Did Jess Edwards Go to College?

Jess studied advertising and public relations at East Tennessee State University, graduating in 2020. There, she was a proud member of sorority Alpha Delta Pi.

What are Jess Edwards’ ‘Bachelor’ Fun Facts?

Jess made sure to let Us know that her personal aesthetic can be described as “country glamour” and that she’s a “sucker for a pretty view.” The most perplexing fun fact listed on her bio is that she “read her first book for fun last summer.”


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