The man known as one of New York City’s “most notoriously negligent landlords” was briefly hospitalized following an attack at Rikers Island.

Daniel Ohebshalom turned himself in to police on Thursday after allegedly failing to perform hundreds of court-ordered repairs on some Manhattan properties he owns. He was taken to Rikers where he’s expected to serve up to 60 days.

A source close to Ohebshalom said the landlord may have broken facial bones Friday afternoon after being punched in the face by another person in custody. The assault occurred at the intake area of the Eric M. Taylor Center around 12:15 p.m., a spokesperson for the Department of Correction said.

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Ohebshalom’s injuries were said to be non-life threatening, and he was taken back to Rikers late Friday.

Sources don’t believe Ohebshalom was targeted because the assailant threatened a number of other people in custody as well.

In a rare move last week, following years of trying to levy fines against the landlord of a Washington Heights building and making emergency fixes, the city issued an arrest warrant against a man they say is a slumlord.

In the two buildings along West 170th Street, the city alleges that Daniel Ohebshalom and his company, Belmont Ventures LLC, have racked up 700 serious violations affecting health and safety of those who live there. As a result, Housing Preservations and Development (HPD) Commissioner Adolfo Carrion Jr. stepped up action and issued a warrant.

“We caught up with him. He’s facing $3 million in fines and penalties, and he’s going to jail for 60 days,” said Carrion.

For years, tenant Sonia Peralta and her neighbors have complained about conditions in their apartments.

“We have rats, roaches, no heat or hot water,” she said. “We’re gonna have a little celebration, we’re so happy that’s happening. It’s about time.”

Another tenant said they would go two weeks or even a month without hot water, “always during the worst times.”

It’s not the first time the city has taken action over the conditions inside the buildings, including a seven-figure fine issued in 2022. In Jan. 2023, the HPD made nearly $50,000 worth of emergency repairs.

Ohebshalom owns several properties across Manhattan, which also regularly appear on the city’s list of worst landlords as well.

“People are dealing with mold and leaks, pests, rats and roaches, peeling paint, lead paint. Their children are exposed, seniors are exposed. It’s time to stop this nonsense,” said Carrion.


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