Drew McIntyre put together his WrestleMania moment on Sunday night in Philadelphia – and it came in front of fans as well.

But it didn’t last long.

McIntyre defeated Rollins to start the night. But McIntyre would taunt CM Punk after winning the title. Punk couldn’t have any of that. He knocked McIntyre off of his position on top of the announce table and then nailed him with his tricep brace.

Out of nowhere, Damian Priest came down and cashed in his Money in the Bank contract for an immediate match. Priest hit the South of Heaven and pinned McIntyre.

Priest left Philadelphia the new World Heavyweight Champion. He had lost the tag-team titles with Finn Balor during Night.

McIntyre initially beat Rollins, the night after “The Visionary” fought in the main event of WrestleMania Night 1. It took every ounce of McIntyre to put Rollins away.

McIntyre appeared to catch Rollins off guard with a Claymore to start. He only got a two-count and kept on the offensive, attacking the knee Rollins hurt in his match on Night 1 at the hands of Roman Reigns and The Rock.

Drew McIntyre holds the title


Rollins turned the tables and hit a Pedigree on the outside of the ring in front of Punk and the rest of the announce team for the match. He hit a Stomp as well and only got a two count.

The two continued to go back and forth. Rollins’ stomps couldn’t convert to pinfalls and McIntyre’s Futureshock DDT didn’t result in a pin either. To mock Punk, McIntyre tried to hit the Go To Sleep but Rollins countered.

McIntyre hit another Claymore and still couldn’t get the pin. He took the fight to the outside and was trying to inflict as much punishment as possible on Rollins. However, Rollins stomped him off the announce table.

It would take two more Claymores from McIntyre to finally put Rollins away.

Damian Priest runs down the ramp

The World Heavyweight Championship has changed hands – twice in one night.

Rollins was the first World Heavyweight Champion, defeating A.J. Styles for it at Night of Champions last May. Rollins defended the title routinely on premium live events, calling himself the working man’s champion.

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