Belgian MEP Hilde Vautmans who is accused of misusing EU funds, has rejected the allegations, maintaining that her actions were compliant with regulations.


A Belgian MEP has been accused of bullying personnel and misusing EU funds.

Hilde Vautmans, currently an MEP for Open VLD (Flemish Liberal Party) is alleged to have used EU money and staff incorrectly.

Allegations came from the Belgian weekly ‘Knack,’ although no formal complaint has yet been filed.

Vatumans has been an MEP for almost a decade, but Knack claims there has been a toxic working atmosphere in her cabinet and even psychological intimidation – with many former employees testifying anonymously in the article.

The article also alleges the misuse of EU funds by purchasing VIP tables at horse events.

Vautmans denies any wrongdoing

“Everything we organise with European money is subject to strict rules, and that is fortunate,” said Vautmans, “The European Parliament confirmed to me the day before yesterday by email that all my expenditure of European funds was done in compliance with the rules”.

“If people feel wronged and want an interview, my door is open,” she added.


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