Caitlin Clark has apparently blocked former NFL star Antonio Brown on social media after he appeared to levy attacks on her for weeks.

Brown called the former Iowa Hawkeyes star the “Cracker of the Day” after he reveled to his followers on X that she blocked him on the social media platform. It appeared that one lewd attack after another finally crossed the line for Clark.

The former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver initially cracked a joke at Clark’s expense in March when she broke the NCAA Division 1 college basketball scoring mark.

“Congrats to Caitlin Clark on becoming all-time leading scorer,” he wrote in a message on X accompanied by a GIF of actor Mel Gibson with long, flowing hair.

Clark’s fans were unhappy with the post, with some calling it “embarrassing” and others saying the Super Bowl champion wide receiver was never going to get into the Hall of Fame at that rate.

Caitlin Clark pulls up


On Thursday, Brown’s posts continued even after he was blocked.

Brown’s odd remarks came at the same time Indy Star columnist Gregg Doyel offered his own strange reaction as Clark was introduced as a member of the Indiana Fever.

Clark asked Doyel whether he liked that, and he responded, “I like that you’re here.” 

Clark said she makes the gesture with her hands to her family “after every game.”

“Start doing it to me, and we’ll get along,” Doyel responded.

Caitlin Clark introduced with Indiana

In a second strange incident between Doyel and Fever head coach Christie Sides, he referred to Clark as “that” and “it.”

On Wednesday, Doyel apologized.

“Today in my uniquely oafish way, while welcoming @CaitlinClark22 to Indy, I formed my hands into her signature (hand heart emoji),” he wrote on X. “My comment afterward was clumsy and awkward. I sincerely apologize. Please know my heart (literally and figuratively) was well-intentioned. I will do better.”

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