A thick plume of black smoke rose over an airport runway in Japan on Tuesday after a Japanese aircraft burst into flames, local media reported.

Live footage on public broadcaster NHK showed a Japan Airlines passenger plane on a runway at Tokyo’s Haneda airport with flames coming out of its windows. Shortly after, the plane was entirely consumed.

A Japan Airlines spokesperson said more than 300 passengers were on board when the aircraft initially caught fire. NHK reported all 379 passengers and crew ultimately escaped from the plane. 

Local news reports said the fire broke out after the plane hit another aircraft after landing. The other plane was possibly a Coast Guard aircraft, Nippon TV reported. A Coast Guard spokesperson said it was investigating the possible collision.


Several emergency vehicles responded to the fire, utilizing water and foam. However, the flames had spread across too much of the plane.

The airport runway, plane, flames
Flames, wreckage

The aircraft JAL flight 516 had flown out of Shin Chitose airport in Japan to Haneda, officials said. Haneda is one of the busiest airports in Japan.

Plane at airport


All runways and services at the airport were suspended.

This report is developing and will be updated.

The Associated Press and Reuters contributed to this report.

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