Kroger recently announced it is giving away 50 pints of its store-brand ice cream per minute to celebrate the summer solstice on Thursday, June 20, 2024.

Summer solstice marks the official start of the season. 

It’s the day with the longest period of sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere — about 15 hours in all.


That adds up to 900 minutes of sunlight — which equates to 45,000 pints of free ice cream at Kroger.

“Summer means more time with family, more time by the pool and more time indulging in our favorite treats, and nothing says a perfect summer day like sunshine and Kroger brand ice cream,” Juan De Paoli, vice president of Kroger brands, said in a news release. 

“With more sunshine to enjoy a sweet treat, we are giving away ice cream for 15 hours straight. That is a whole lot of free ice cream.”

To take advantage of the promotion, customers can claim a single-use digital coupon on June 20 for a free pint of Kroger-brand ice cream. 

Kroger logo on store

Kroger said the coupon is redeemable across most of the Kroger family of stores. It can be applied to pick-up or delivery orders.

Ice cream lovers in 10 states might be in for a letdown, however. 

The promotion isn’t valid in California, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Missouri, North Dakota, Nevada, Tennessee or Virginia because of state laws regarding dairy products, Kroger spokesperson Erin Rolfes told Fox News Digital.

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But for ice cream lovers in 25 of the 35 states, along with Washington, D.C., where Kroger has a presence, customers need only to download the coupon to scoop up the deal.

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Kroger brand flavors include Deluxe Tie Dye Burst, which features swirls of vanilla, cherry and blue moon, and classic offerings like Chocolate Paradise, Mint Chocolate Chip, Strawberry and Vivid Vanilla.

Kroger brand ice cream summer solstice

The coupon will only be available on June 20.

But it will be redeemable for several weeks following the promotion, Rolfes said.


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