Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry expanded his investment portfolio on Tuesday, as his business endeavors parent company, Thirty Ink, announced an exciting relationship as a lead investor in Nirvana Super Waters, Seltzers and other wellness beverages. 

Nirvana Water Sciences Corp., which prides itself on infusing its Nirvana Super Waters with HMB, a super ingredient to help build and maintain lean muscle mass, brought in Curry to a group that has many former and current pro athletes, including fellow NBA All-Star Kyle Lowry.

Pro Football Hall of Famers Patrick Willis and Brian Dawkins are also investors, as are former NFL running back Jonathan Stewart and two-time Super Bowl champion punter Tommy Townsend. 

“I recently discovered the power of Nirvana Super and the incredible effects HMB has on my body reducing recovery time during the grind of my fifteenth NBA season,” Curry, who will also serve as a brand ambassador, said in a statement. “Adding Nirvana Super Waters into my wellness routine earlier this season helped me achieve my goal of making it through another grueling season.

“From the overall recovery benefits, I couldn’t believe the positive effect it had on preparing me day in day out. I’m excited to join the Nirvana Super team and hope that my investment, and this brand ambassador announcement is a testament to my belief in Nirvana Super and the benefits of HMB for athletes of all levels and wellness-minded consumers.”


HMB is naturally produced in everyone’s body as it metabolizes Leucine, which is an essential amino acid in the body as well. Dr. Naji Abumrad, who is chairman of Nirvana’s Scientific Advisory Board, developed MyHMB Clear after decades of research and testing to make sure it targets muscle wellness. It’s the first metabolite licensed by Nirvana from Dr. Aburad’s research, which also showed the best delivery mechanism to maximize health benefits was water. 

“At the core of Nirvana Super and HMB is a simple truth: our beverages are for everyone, no matter their age or athletic skill. We’re especially thrilled when sports legends, with every choice available, choose HMB in Nirvana Super because it reflects their own wellness and vitality values. It’s more than a partnership—it’s a mutual belief in our scientifically backed products,” Chris Williams, vice president of business partnerships at Nirvana Water Sciences Corp., said in a statement. “Our work with Stephen and our athlete ambassadors goes beyond growth; it’s about authentic, genuine connections. Looking ahead, we’re committed to deepening these meaningful partnerships, impacting more lives positively.”

Nirvana Super Water flavors

Nirvana Water Sciences Corp. also recently announced a distribution partnership with health and nutrition giant GNC, which will now carry Nirvana Super Waters and Seltzers in all 2,300 locations across the United States. They previously made a deal with Harris Teeter as well, shipping their products across North Carolina, Maryland, South Carolina and Virginia to 215 locations. 

“This strategic partnership with Stephen Curry — one of the best players in NBA history — is a huge moment for Nirvana as we have seen steady growth for the business, especially in the last six to nine months and expect this investment and partnership to take us to the next level,” said Nirvana Water Sciences Corp. president Greg Clark. 

“Joining forces with Stephen Curry will continue to introduce Nirvana Super to new consumers, whether they are athletes themselves, sports fans or consumers across ages interested in adding a new product to their personal wellness journey. Studies have proven that muscle health is linked to healthier aging, and we’re excited Stephen will help introduce Nirvana Super Waters and Seltzers to new audiences.”

Willis and Dawkins previously told Fox Business Digital how impactful Nirvana Super Waters have been for them post-professional careers in the NFL, especially as both of them remain very active to stay in shape. 

Stephen Curry smiles

Curry clearly feels the same, enough so to join forces with the company that continues to put its mark on the health and wellness market. 

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