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There are so many different types of dresses to choose from when you’r getting dressed this summer. But there’s one clear choice that works well when you need something airy and easy to maneuver in: a linen dress. If you don’t have one, it might be time to get one, and we found one that’s well worth picking up.

If you head to Walmart right now (or at least the digital storefront), you can get the Time and True Linen Midi Dress for just $23. It looks a lot like the evolution of a shirt dress, but it’s a lot softer and more comfortable than that. It drapes around your body and hangs in a flattering way so that it looks like more than a bag-like garment and more like something that’s appropriate for going out for groceries or grabbing dinner with a friend. And when you pair it with a hat like in the photo, you can really start to see why it’s a fun option.

Get the Time and Tru Linen Midi Dress for just $23 at Walmart!

It has an elasticized, relaxed waist and silhouette as well as tie sleeves and side pockets, so not only do you look polished and put together, but you look very deliberae, like you planned the entire thing. The button-down front gives it a faint look as well, with gathered shoulders and a removable self-belt.

Get the Time and Tru Linen Midi Dress for just $23 at Walmart!

This is the perfect midsummer’s dress, whether you’re just starting to get used to the heat or you’ve been getting dressed anticipating the sun to beat down on you for weeks. Pick it up, it’s just over $20 and you’ll love prancing around in it.

Get the Time and Tru Linen Midi Dress for just $23 at Walmart!


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