NEW YORK CITY — Former President Trump is expected to visit a fire department in midtown Manhattan Thursday evening to honor first responders following hours in court for his unprecedented criminal trial. 

The former president and presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee arrived with pizza to the same New York City fire department he visited in 2021 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on Sept. 11, 2021. 

Trump spent the day in a Manhattan courtroom to witness testimony and cross-examination on criminal charges against him. The judge also heard arguments from prosecutors and Trump’s defense team on allegations the former president violating the gag order imposed upon him. 


The former president has blasted the criminal trial and case brought against him as “election interference.” He says prosecutors are working in coordination with the Biden White House to prosecute their political opponent, and says Democrats are trying to keep him confined to a courtroom and off the campaign trail. 

But Trump spent the day Wednesday campaigning in Wisconsin and Michigan, holding events and rallies. The court does not meet on Wednesdays. 

Trump said he thinks the prosecutions will have the “reverse effect” on his presidential campaign, and says his supporters know the cases are “rigged” and “unfair.” 

Trump is taking advantage of being confined to New York City, however. 

Last month, Trump made a visit to an Upper Manhattan bodega after court one day. 

He was met by a large crowd chanting “Trump, Trump, Trump,” “Four more years,” and “We love Trump.” The crowd was singing the National Anthem. 

Trump said the trial makes him “campaign locally, and that’s okay.” 

Former U.S. President Donald Trump's attorney Todd Blanche shows examples of social media during a gag order hearing of his criminal trial

“We’re doing better now than we’ve ever done, so I think it’s having a reverse effect,” Trump said at the bodega.  

“We’re going to come in – Number one, you have to stop crime and we’re going to let the police do their job. They have to be given back their authority. They have to be able to do their job,” Trump said. “And we’re going to come into New York. We’re making a big play for New York, other cities, too. But this city, I love this city.” 

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg charged Trump with 34 counts of falsifying business records in the first degree. 

Trump has pleaded not guilty to all charges against him.  


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